Qatar 2022 was the most-streamed World Cup in the tournament’s history. While streaming only came to a true forefront in 2014 and growing in 2018, data tabulated by World Soccer Talk shows that 2022 was a huge win for streaming.

Each year, more and more people cut the cord and sign up for streaming services. As a result, Qatar 2022 broke a number of records. That includes total streaming viewership for a World Cup tournament, FOX’s most-streamed World Cup match ever, and most streaming minutes.

Perhaps more impressive is the fact that this is consistent for both FOX’s properties and Telemundo, which had the Spanish-language coverage of the World Cup. Both FOX and Telemundo produced terrific numbers during November and December’s tournament.

In terms of particular numbers and records, here are some of the facts that stand out for the Qatar 2022 World Cup being the most-streamed tournament ever.

Qatar 2022 is most-streamed World Cup of all time

Many of the following records are in direct comparison to the 2018 World Cup. After all, that is the biggest prior competitor in terms of streaming. However, there are some mentions of the 2014 World Cup.

Note that the United States did not compete in the 2018 World Cup. Therefore, averages for streaming were inherently lower, as there was less interest from the general American crowd.

English-language does well

FOX surpassed 2.75 billion streaming minutes during the World Cup. Admittedly, this is a hard number to wrap one’s head around. FOX’s digital platforms had an Average Minute Audience, or AMA, of 287,064. This means that FOX’s streaming averaged out at just under 300,000 for the entirety of the tournament.

It is an impressive figure. But, as is the case with averages, large individual numbers tend to buoy those figures. For FOX’s streaming of the 2022 World Cup, the most-streamed contest was the World Cup Final between France and Argentina. On average, 1,281,776 people streamed the game. This represents an increase of 158% compared to the 2018 World Cup Final.

What is more notable is the fact that this was one of FOX Sport’s most streamed events ever, regardless of sport. The World Cup Final only trails Super Bowl LI and LIV in terms of streaming records.

Spanish-language sets records

Spanish-language streaming primarily rolled through Peacock. And, while Telemundo’s OTA channel still carried the bulk of viewership, Peacock did exceedingly well. For instance, 30% of the Spanish-language audience watched the World Cup via Peacock throughout the tournament.

Telemundo states that 2.96 million people streamed the World Cup Final between France and Argentina on Peacock and Telemundo Deportes. Therefore, that is the most-streamed World Cup match of all time in terms of US media history. Moreover, that is regardless of language.

Something interesting to note is that a game earlier in the tournament set the record before the final. Argentina’s contest against Mexico pulled a streaming audience of 2 million.

Spanish-language streaming had an AMA of 767,000 viewers. That figure represents an increase of an eye-popping 271% compared to 2018. Credit that to Peacock and Telemundo Deportes pulling over 1 million live streams on 12 occasions at the World Cup. For example, each of the USA’s and Mexico’s games hit that benchmark.