The ESPN2 soccer schedule heavily reflects that of ESPN.

While the only league the ESPN family of networks carries on its channels now is MLS, there is also international soccer on ESPN2. You may be wondering where the multitude of other leagues associated with ESPN are. For example, LaLiga and the Bundesliga are the biggest European leagues under the ESPN umbrella. However, you will not see any of these games on ESPN2 or ESPN.

ESPN2’s soccer generally revolves around rollover coverage from ESPN or busy weekends in the MLS schedule. Things like decision day, where each team plays on the same day, require extensive coverage and channels.

Most of the year, however, the ESPN2 soccer schedule remains somewhat empty.

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Upcoming ESPN2 soccer schedule

    In the event that ESPN2 does add games to its soccer schedule, it is a fairly easy channel to come by. Most providers carry ESPN and ESPN2 as something of a tandem. Essentially, if you have ESPN, you likely have ESPN2.

    Almost all satellite, streaming and cable providers carry the two channels in their base package. A cheaper option, Sling Blue, does not, even though Sling Orange does for the same price.

    For cord cutters looking to save some money, streaming is a great option for the ESPN2 soccer schedule. Most providers have an application that can be accessed from almost all devices. It could be something portable like a phone or a tablet, or something stationary like a TV or computer.

    A strong option that carries ESPN2 is fuboTV. For $64.99 per month, fuboTV provides access to a wide array of channels with everything from sports and movies to news and TV shows.

    Plus, fuboTV would provide channels to watch Ligue 1, the Premier League and select Serie A games, while providing the whole family a form of entertainment.