World Soccer Talk features the most accurate and comprehensive listings of soccer channels on United States television and streaming.

The whole concept of a ‘channel’ has evolved over time. With streaming services such as ESPN+ and Paramount+ exclusively streaming games, these can be considered soccer channels too.

Soccer Channels

Here is our listing of the different soccer channels available:

Soccer has a pretty interesting history on television.

Firstly, the history of the Premier League on television in the United States is a fascinating one. A lot of debt is owed to FOX Sports World. In fact, later it became Fox Soccer Channel before changing to FOX Soccer and finally FOX Sports 1.

Secondly, the history of the UEFA Champions League on U.S. TV is important too. Consider that the tournament has been shown across ESPN, FOX Sports, TNT, Univision and CBS over the years. Having said that, NBC is the only major broadcaster who has missed out on showing games.

One constant about soccer channels in the United States is change. Media rights around the world continue to move around. However, we here at World Soccer Talk keep you updated on where to find soccer games on television and streaming. In addition, we publish podcasts, videos and other resources to help you find games easier. It’s our mission and what we specialize in since 2005 when we were founded.

Sports fans in the U.S. have more choices of soccer channels than practically anywhere else in the world. For instance, every weekend there are more than 120 professional games available through U.S. soccer networks and streaming. In particular, many of the games feature U.S. soccer stars who play in teams around the world.

When you add college and amateur games to the choices available, there are sometimes close to 200 games per weekend.