Editorial Policy


WORLD SOCCER TALK has been informing and entertaining millions of users since 2005, always based on the principles of freedom of expression and the right to information, as fundamental pillars of a democratic society.

Our journalistic code of ethics is based on:

  1. Freedom of Expression:

    We commit to promoting the free expression of thoughts, ideas, and opinions through our platforms, whether through words, writings, or other means of reproduction.

  2. Diversity and Plurality:

    WORLD SOCCER TALK strives to offer journalistic coverage that reflects the diversity of perspectives and voices in the sports field, without discrimination based on gender, race, religious belief, or sexual identity.

  3. Responsibility:

    We recognize that freedom of the press entails ethical responsibilities. We commit to practicing journalism with civil morality and a sense of responsibility, maintaining high standards in the quality and truthfulness of the information we provide.

  4. Anonymous Sources:

    We value the confidentiality of sources, a right protected by the Constitution. We will seek, to the extent possible, to corroborate information obtained from anonymous sources through multiple sources, ensuring the credibility of our news. However, our news is always published by real authors who research, write, and publish responsibly.

  5. Fact-Checking and Source Verification:

    At WORLD SOCCER TALK, fact-checking and source verification are essential. We commit to questioning, verifying, and supplementing information through independent testimonies and documentary evidence, avoiding blindly accepting unverified data.

  6. Corrections Policy:

    We acknowledge the right to rectification. Any reader can exercise this right if they consider information to be inaccurate and causing harm. The request for rectification must be made within seven natural days following the publication, and we commit to publishing it within three days.

  7. Values and Sportsmanship:

    At WORLD SOCCER TALK we promote soccer as a means to develop values such as effort, overcoming challenges, integration, respect, and tolerance. We advocate for inclusivity in sports and commit to giving visibility to women's soccer.

  8. Participation:

    We encourage active participation from our readers, offering spaces for comments and feedback on our platforms. We commit to maintaining quality standards, intervening if necessary to remove offensive or inappropriate comments.

At WORLD SOCCER TALK, we adhere to these ethical principles to offer quality, pluralistic, and respectful soccer news aligned with the democratic values that inspire us.

Editorial Policy on Casino Content:

  • Objectivity and accuracy: WORLD SOCCER TALK’s publications on casinos are based on providing impartial and accurate information. We carefully verify all our sources to ensure the accuracy of the information provided.
  • Promotion of responsible gambling: We prioritize the promotion of responsible gambling in our publications on casinos and provide information on the risks associated with compulsive gambling, promoting safe gambling practices.
  • Transparency in advertising: WORLD SOCCER TALK is committed to transparency in any sponsored or promotional content related to casinos. We clearly identify any advertising or promotional content to ensure transparency with our readers.


On the WORLD SOCCER TALK website, there's a section dedicated to bookmakers where we showcase offers from legal bookmakers, previews, and betting tips for the most interesting soccer events, bookmaker reviews, and the latest information from this market. Betting is a form of entertainment, but it's important to remember that it's only intended for adults, as we inform in every text related to tips. Gambling can be addictive, and we also inform about this on our website.

Publishing policy - bookmakers

Betting has long been associated with sports, especially soccer, on many levels. Bookmaking companies sponsor many sports clubs, advertise themselves in stadiums, and on soccer jerseys. Most match broadcasts are also branded by bookmakers.

Bookmakers are also business partners of WORLD SOCCER TALK. In our service, we regularly publish information related to betting, tips for soccer matches, and other sports events. We present comparisons of bookmaker odds and offers for specific events.

Only legal bookmakers

We make every effort to present the offers of bookmaking companies in a reliable manner. We only cooperate with companies that have the approval of the US government.

In our texts, we strive to present the products of bookmaking companies in a transparent manner, paying attention to bookmakers' regulations and all requirements regarding specific offers and promotions.

Social Networks and Digital Platforms

Besides the content you find here on the website, we have various alternative channels to keep in touch with readers. Social networks play a crucial role in this.

Through them, we share highlights from the site, produce exclusive content, and are always attentive to incoming messages.

In addition to creating exclusive material and bringing the audience closer to what we produce, we always value respect for the Community and the professionalism with which we communicate. If you want to follow WORLD SOCCER TALK outside of the website, follow our digital channels: