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/ 5 days ago

Inside Euro 2024: Preview with Nick Webster

At Euro 2024, the best teams in Europe will be in action. Germany is hosting the top 24 teams as the tournament returns to a singular host. Nick Webster, a TV personality who has extensively covered previous international soccer tournaments, is going to be on the ground in Germany covering the European Championship. Webster has […]


/ 24 days ago

Why playoffs don't work in American soccer

We discuss the highs of the European title races and the excitement of teams trying to avoid the drop. Despite the incredible excitement across all of the leagues in Europe, American journalists want to change the way the leagues are structured to Americanize the leagues to the detriment of the fans. We also address US-based […]


/ 45 days ago

Why aren't fans signing up for MLS Season Pass?

We jump into reading the feedback from soccer fans throughout the United States and our analysis and experience about why soccer fans are not signing up for MLS Season Pass, fifteen months after the service launched on Apple TV. Has MLS moving to Apple left the door wide open for USL, NWSL, and EPL to […]


/ 65 days ago

MLS Season Pass pros and cons after year one

It's been more than a year since MLS Season Pass has launched, so it's perfect timing to identify the pros and cons of the streaming product and the market conditions impacting it. What has improved, what needs to improve, and what issues are impacting the growth of Major League Soccer's revolutionary streaming product such as […]


/ 83 days ago

When two soccer worlds collide: WST Podcast

This week's episode discusses Gio Reyna in the USA vs Jamaica game, what European title races are the most exciting, the reaction to the first round of the US Open Cup, ESPN's poor coverage of the FA Cup, The Athletic's cozy relationship with MLS, and a tribute to Joe Barone. There's more soccer on streaming […]


/ 106 days ago

US Soccer bows down to MLS over US Open Cup

Shown by its mismanagement of the US Open Cup, the US Soccer Federation has lost all authority as the governing body for the sport in this country. USSF has allowed MLS to become the most powerful soccer entity in this country. At the same time, the US soccer system is a mess as leagues compete […]


/ 120 days ago

Has the soccer streaming bubble burst?

In this week's episode, we discuss whether the soccer streaming bubble has burst. We also dive into a breakdown of the ESPN, FOX, and TNT app and whether it’s a killer app. We discuss the Premier League’s domination of the soccer landscape in the United States, and how that may not be a good thing. […]

Leagues: MLS

/ 130 days ago

Messi and Inter Miami's disastrous world tour

MLS tries to balance Messi's playing time and selling Apple TV subscriptions. We also discuss why FIFA chose New Jersey for the World Cup Final, how Arlington or Atlanta would have been a better choice, where the Women’s World Cup final could be if USA/Mexico wins the bid, how Messi Mania is turning into a […]

Leagues: EPL

/ 137 days ago

Jonathan Wilson interview about Bielsa, Klopp, Clough and USA

Here's our Jonathan Wilson interview, hosted by World Soccer Talk's Kartik Krishnaiyer. Jonathan Wilson joins World Soccer Talk to discuss his new soccer newsletter that’s written specifically for the U.S. audience, the evolution of soccer managers, his thoughts about Marcelo Bielsa and what he can accomplish at Uruguay, how writing for a U.S. audience is […]
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Football League

/ 145 days ago

Shaun Harvey interview: Wrexham Director of Football

In a fascinating interview with Wrexham Director of Football Shaun Harvey, the executive discusses the crossroads the EFL finds itself in ahead of a new international rights deal. iFollow is ending, so what does the future of streaming EFL games look like for international viewers? Harvey shares his insight regarding the available options and the […]

Leagues: Bundesliga

/ 156 days ago

The Premier League in the USA: Will other leagues catch up?

We can reveal that the Premier League has become the most popular soccer league in the United States for the first time, but how can the competing leagues fight back so they're still contenders? At the same time, we discuss why MLS fans will have to fork out more in 2024 to see the new […]

Leagues: MLS

/ 179 days ago

MLS quits US Open Cup, rips US soccer apart

Major League Soccer’s cold and calculated decision to quit the US Open Cup has had a dramatic impact on the credibility of the USA’s top-flight league. Many hardcore fans of Major League Soccer have criticized the league for its lack of respect for American soccer. As usual, we take a deep dive into the topic. […]

Leagues: MLS

/ 185 days ago

MLS' plan to rule all of US pro soccer

Do you want MLS to rule all of professional club soccer in the United States? It’s heading that way. We dissect what MLS Commissioner Don Garber says on the topic, as well as what it means for soccer fans (and clubs) across the United States. We also share our analysis of the viewership numbers for […]

Leagues: EPL

/ 194 days ago

Is soccer growing or shrinking in the USA?

A deep dive into whether the popularity of soccer is growing or shrinking in the United States at the same time that the English Premier League has cemented its place as THE soccer league in this country. What can LaLiga, MLS, Serie A, Ligue 1, and the Bundesliga do to catch up with the Premier […]

Leagues: Bundesliga

/ 214 days ago

If soccer isn’t on TV, does it make a sound?

When it comes to watching soccer, if a league isn't on television, does it make a sound? We discuss this topic in light of the new media deals announced for NWSL and USL, which begs the question about other leagues who are struggling with the same question, namely Major League Soccer (with MLS Season Pass) […]