/ 13 days ago

Welcome to Wrexham season 2: Humphrey Ker interview

Our exclusive interview with Wrexham AFC Club Executive Director Humphrey Ker shines a light on several fascinating topics involving the global phenomenon that is Wrexham Association Football Club. Ker, who is responsible for turning Rob McElhenney into a soccer fan and ultimately into becoming co-owner of Wrexham alongside Ryan Reynolds, answers questions about who is […]

Inter Miami CF

/ 14 days ago

Messi League Soccer: Pros and cons

In this episode, we discuss the pros and cons of Messi’s magical run in Major League Soccer, as well as catching listeners up on where we’ve been. That's just the start of the conversation as we also chat about the wonders of British motorway service stations, whether the Messi effect has been able to impact […]


/ 39 days ago

Kane to Bundesliga: Can ESPN move the needle?

Will Harry Kane's arrival in the Bundesliga move the needle with the popularity of the German league across the United States? We discuss, but we also dive into several related topics. For instance, is ESPN ready to promote the Bundesliga with as much attention that they've given to LaLiga? Does ESPN have the talent they […]

Leagues: MLS

/ 45 days ago

Neymar to MLS? – World Soccer Talk Podcast

Hot on the heels of Messi, would Neymar Jr moving to MLS be a smart move for the league or not? What does he offer that would make fans want to watch him, and what are any risks, if any? We also discuss how it could impact MLS Season Pass. Other topics discussed: What we're […]

Inter Miami CF

/ 51 days ago

Messi vs. Women's World Cup: World Soccer Talk Podcast

The two biggest soccer stories this summer battle against each other (and our time and attention) on the latest episode of the world's longest running soccer podcast, World Soccer Talk. Indeed, It's a battle royale between Messi and Women's World Cup. Which one is winning? Messi games with Inter Miami have become a must-watch on […]

Inter Miami CF

/ 59 days ago

Messi is the best move MLS ever made

We dive into several meaty topics such as the impact that Lionel Messi has made on MLS and Leagues Cup, how this Summer of Soccer has been more gruelling than any before it, why the FIFA Women's World Cup is causing viewers to make a tough choice, whether Inter Miami's Messi is having an impact […]

FA Cup

/ 79 days ago

FA Cup changes could be devastating to lower league clubs

This episode of the World Soccer Talk Podcast, titled FA Cup Changes, is presented by Sling. We discuss the radical changes that the Premier League are proposing for the FA Cup, including selling the rights to the competition outside the United Kingdom — and what that means for the world's oldest football competition, and the impact […]

Leagues Cup

/ 86 days ago

MLS Success Overly Dependent on Messi

This episode of the World Soccer Talk Podcast, titled MLS Success Overly Dependent on Messi, is presented by Sling. What does it say about MLS that Leagues Cup was unable to get a TV deal in Mexico? We discuss the breaking news from Mexico where the TV networks have thumbed their noses at the US-based Leagues […]

Inter Miami CF

/ 87 days ago

Messi Mania taking effect: Futbol Miami TV interview

This episode of the World Soccer Talk podcast, titled 'Messi Mania taking effect,' is presented by Sling. Lionel Messi is the biggest thing to come to Major League Soccer. Not only is his arrival prompting innovative ways to compensate a player, but fans are dishing out the cash to see him in action. In this […]


/ 90 days ago

The Saudi Arabia Effect and How It's Changing Soccer

As the richest league in the world, The Saudi Arabia Effect is having an impact on the world of soccer. We discuss the impact thus far. This episode of the World Soccer Talk Podcast is presented by Sling. In the last 12 months, Saudi Arabia has been working on trying to change sports as we […]

Leagues: MLS

/ 93 days ago

US Open Cup undermined by MLS

This episode of the World Soccer Talk Podcast on the topic of US Open Cup and MLS is presented by Sling. We discuss what the underlying reason is why MLS and MLSPA are trying to undermine the US Open Cup, the oldest soccer competition in the United States. Why are MLS, US Soccer and MLSPA […]