With our eBooks from World Soccer Talk, we know that soccer fans crave much more than just watching games on TV. We talk about it to our friends and family or play it in our down time.

However, fans of the game itself always want to learn more. It could be something as small as finding out the transfer history of a certain player. Or, it could be the development of the sport in a certain region over decades. Whatever it is, there are only so many ways to get that level of in-depth knowledge about the beautiful game.

One of those comes from books. Unlike videos that can be overwhelming and time consuming, books allow readers to learn at their own pace. Plus, it is easier to flip back and get caught up on anything that may seem confusing. Essentially, it is all in an order that is easier to follow.

Of course, the eBooks from World Soccer Talk are, more often than not, guides to help you through your soccer fandom. That is also part of the beauty of books, they can be helpful. This is especially true given the maze of trying to watch world soccer in the current climate of TV and streaming.

World Soccer Talk eBook Guide

Here are the current eBooks offered by World Soccer Talk and its writers.

European Soccer Travel Guide
Ultimate Soccer TV and Streaming Guide
What the World Cup Means to Me
Soccerwarz: Inside America’s Soccer Feud Between MLS, NASL and USL
Blue With Envy: My American Journey with Manchester City

As you can see, these books differ in their purposes. For instance, the European Soccer Travel Guide is fairly self-explanatory. You can learn how to travel from the United States over to Europe to watch some of those teams play in person. Tips and money-saving advice go a long way in that venture.

Or, you can invest in Soccerwarz to learn the background of the MLS, NASL and USL fight, something that still rages on today.

PHOTO: Richard Baker / Contributor via Getty Images