Here in the United States, soccer fans have a lot of options when it comes to watching the beautiful game.

In addition to the sport rapidly growing domestically, the general fandom of the sport is on the rise. Now, millions of Americans watch European soccer each weekend. That comes from content hailing from England, Spain, Germany and Italy, just to name a few. The multitude of clubs, leagues and tournaments at our disposal is something to behold.

Yet, it does raise a couple of concerns. Or, at least, challenges.

Media rights are valuable. Ad dollars bring big money to the channels and providers that broadcast soccer. With the development of the sport’s popularity, more and more channels and providers want a piece of the pie.

In the past, it was somewhat simple. The Premier League aired on NBC’s or FOX’s channels, beIN SPORTS held the rights to LaLiga. Sure, we got less games on average, but you could comfortably know where the games would be.

Now, it is not so simple. Part of that comes from the development of streaming. The biggest con is that leagues are spread out and can be on linear TV or solely streaming. On the bright side, fans do have access to every game in most major leagues across the world. It just requires more subscriptions, which is frustrating.

Soccer TV Guides

To qualm those frustrations, World Soccer Talk assembled a thorough breakdown of how to watch some of the most popular leagues throughout the world. Keep in mind, that this only applies to viewers in the United States. Different countries have their own providers and channels for the major leagues and competitions throughout the world.

These guides do much more than tell you what channel carries LaLiga, for instance. It breaks down the general formatting for timing of each weekend’s matchdays. Also, it lays out related cup competitions for each league and how that may influence the league. Finally, it provides links to the schedule. From there, you can see the actual times and dates for games in the upcoming calendar.

More than leagues

The following guides do more than just lay out leagues that you can watch. There are also guides for those interested in cord-cutting, learning more about soccer and finding supporters guides in the United States. Finally, there is the ultimate streaming and TV eBook. In this, you can learn about how to watch countless leagues and competitions from across the world.

Yes, that includes international and club competitions in Asia, Africa and South America.

Here are all of the guides that you can use to watch global soccer for United States viewers:

Argentine league on US TV
Brasileirao league on US TV
Bundesliga on US TV
EFL Championship on US TV
Club World Cup on US TV
CONCACAF Champions Cup on US TV
CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifying on US TV
Copa América on US TV
Copa Libertadores on US TV
Coppa Italia on US TV
DFB-Pokal on US TV
Eredivisie on US TV
FA Cup on US TV
English League Cup on US TV
LaLiga on US TV
Leagues Cup on US TV
Liga MX on US TV
Ligue Un on US TV
Olympic Soccer on US TV
Premier League on US TV
Scottish Premiership on US TV
Serie A on US TV
UEFA Champions League on US TV
UEFA Europa League on US TV
UEFA Euro 2024 on US TV
UEFA Nations League on US TV
US Open Cup on US TV
Women’s Super League on US TV
Women’s soccer on US TV
World Cup on US TV
Women’s World Cup on US TV

How to watch soccer clubs:

AC Milan on US TV
Ajax on US TV
Arsenal on US TV
Aston Villa on US TV
Atlético Madrid on US TV
FC Barcelona on US TV
Bayer Leverkusen on US TV
Bayern Munich on US TV
Boca Juniors on US TV
Borussia Dortmund on US TV
Brighton on US TV
Chelsea on US TV
Fiorentina on US TV
Inter Miami on US TV
Inter Milan on US TV
Juventus on US TV
Lazio on US TV
Liverpool on US TV
Manchester City on US TV

Manchester United on US TV
Napoli on US TV
Newcastle United on US TV
Palmeiras on US TV
Porto on US TV
PSV Eindhoven on US TV
RB Leipzig on US TV
Real Madrid on US TV
Real Sociedad on US TV
River Plate on US TV
Tottenham on US TV

How to watch national teams:

Argentina on US TV
Mexico on US TV

How to watch the big games:

AC Milan vs Inter Milan
América vs Chivas
Arsenal vs Chelsea
Arsenal vs Tottenham
Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund
Benfica vs Porto
Boca Juniors vs River Plate
Brazil vs Argentina
Celtic vs Rangers
Chelsea vs Tottenham
Chivas vs Tigres
Galatasaray vs Fenerbahce
Hearts vs Hibs
Juventus vs AC Milan
Juventus vs Inter Milan
LA Galaxy vs LAFC
Liverpool vs Manchester City
Liverpool vs Manchester United
Liverpool vs Arsenal
Liverpool vs Everton
Liverpool vs Tottenham
Liverpool vs Newcastle
Manchester City vs Manchester United
Manchester United vs Tottenham
Manchester United vs Newcastle
Manchester United vs Arsenal
Real Madrid vs Barcelona
Real Madrid vs Atlético Madrid
United States vs Jamaica
United States vs Mexico

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PHOTO: Ronny Hartmann/picture alliance via Getty Images