World Soccer Talk’s Fubo soccer schedule keeps you up to date on when and how to watch games on the service.

Fubo is not like Paramount+, ESPN+ or Peacock. For instance, those are specific to channels, CBS, ESPN and NBC, respectively. On the contrary, Fubo is an alternative to cable with access to 115 channels. Of course, not all of those are sports, but a strong heaping of them are.

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Upcoming Fubo Schedule

For the soccer fan, Fubo is a strong option against cable or satellite TV. Among fubo’s 115-channel lineup, there are many places to watch soccer. For example, the fubo channel lineup includes ESPN, CBS, FOX, NBC and their respective sports channels. In total, it includes more than 80 sports channels, more than any other streaming service. Subscribers can easily flip between channels when there are multiple games on at the same time.

More sports channels than any competitor

With all these channels, Fubo subscribers can get access to games from virtually every competition. Of course, some channels protect major games for their paid streaming services. However, Serie A games often air on CBS Sports Network. Meanwhile, ESPN will sometimes put Bundesliga or LaLiga games on ESPN or even ABC. There are four to five Premier League games each weekend on USA Network or NBC. Finally, Fubo carries beIN SPORTS, the home of Ligue 1. Just right there, Fubo provides subscribers with a chance to watch the top five European leagues.

How much is fubo a month?

If you’re interested in Fubo, the 7-day free trial allows you to see how Fubo can cater to your needs.

After you sign up for fubo, you probably ask yourself ‘how much is fubo a month?’ After all, subscribers sign up for fubo to get out of the high-priced cable or satellite options while still receiving a strong fubo channel lineup.

You can sign up to Fubo for $74..99 per month at its base plan. However, there are plans that feature a deeper channel lineup. For example, there is a Fubo sports package for an additional $10.99 per month. This Fubo streaming add-on provides deeper access to American sports leagues, less so focused on soccer. Remember, if you focus on how much fubo is a month, these add-ons range from $2 more to $19 more.

Fubo Channel Lineup

There are so many channels to choose from on Fubo. Therefore, it can be challenging to know when the provider can actually serve the biggest sports fans.

World Soccer Talk’s Fubo soccer schedule constantly updates so you know when the biggest games are available on the provider. Plus, you can also see which channel the game is on.

The Fubo Sports Network is also a feature on Fubo. While it is a free channel available on other platforms, Fubo carries a total of five channels regarding the fubo Sports Network. These channels often show Russian Premier League, Liga MX or CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifiers when games are not on any other channel.

Of course, Fubo does have a search option and the guide section is fairly user-friendly.

Head over to Fubo for pricing options and more information on the free trial availability.

Guide to Fubo

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