If soccer is your passion and you’re interested in writing about the world’s game, World Soccer Talk is currently accepting new submissions.

Whether you’re a budding writer or an experienced journalist, World Soccer Talk offers you the opportunity to get your article in front of more than 750,000 unique visitors per month. It’s also an excellent opportunity to expand your writing portfolio. Many writers on World Soccer Talk have gone on to write for FOX Soccer, ESPN FC, NBC Sports, Liverpool Echo, The Big Lead, LA Galaxy and The Guardian, just to name a few.

Here are the steps you need to take to get your article published:

Write your article (of 500 words or more) on any topic of your choice relating to world soccer.

If you’re not familiar with World Soccer Talk’s content, browse through the recent articles. World Soccer Talk readers are some of the most knowledgable and passionate followers of world soccer, so the article content doesn’t need to give a lot of background, nor should it be condescending. Instead, articles published on World Soccer Talk are written intelligently and often are opinionated pieces that focus on remarkable topics or different perspectives that you don’t find on mainstream websites.

World Soccer Talk doesn’t typically publish match reports since they’re a dime a dozen that you can found anywhere else. We are open to publishing articles about the experience of following world soccer — which can include topics such as TV and radio coverage, commentators, video game how-to articles, book reviews, app reviews and articles about offbeat topics relating to the world soccer experience such as sticker collections, Subbuteo and memories of watching soccer either in person or on television from yesteryear.

The longer the shelf life of your story, the more likely it’ll be to get published. For example, don’t bother sending in a preview of a match that is scheduled to kick off in less than 24 hours.

If you’d like some story ideas of what to write about, e-mail us.

Note that all articles submitted to World Soccer Talk must be original and cannot be published anywhere else. For example, do not send articles that you’ve published on your site. And even if/when your article is published on World Soccer Talk, you can’t go ahead and publish it on your own site. You can include a link from your site to the World Soccer Talk article.

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