Everyone has a take on what the best streaming service is for soccer. Sometimes it comes down to how much is available, which competitions are on the platform or which stream does it best. There are a number of factors that can influence everyone’s take on the best streaming service. Plus, everyone rates those factors differently.

For example, ESPN+ touts that it is the home of soccer in the United States. To be fair, it carries LaLiga, the Bundesliga, the FA Cup, certain MLS games (for now) and many more smaller leagues. However, Paramount+ has some of the best coverage for soccer. Serie A and the UEFA Champions League are both informative and entertaining to watch on the weekdays and weekends.

The title for Best Streaming Service is further complicated by the impact of larger services. Those like fuboTV or YouTubeTV carry significantly more channels than the likes of ESPN+ or Paramount+. The broader range of content fits the likings of an entire family, not just a soccer fanatic.

On the flip side, there are cheaper options that allow for content regarding soccer. ATA Football has a free version that has all kinds of content except for live games. ViX carries free games for Spanish-language fans that are otherwise behind a paywall in English. Twitch is free, allowing access to select NWSL games, as are other competitions on YouTube (the free version).

Fact of the matter remains, people differ on their stance as to which streaming service is the best overall.

While it can be a challenging decision, we want you to nail it down to one service. Keep in mind all of the outside factors, and make your choice below.

Best Streaming Service

Here are the nominees for the 2022 World Soccer Talk Award for Best Streaming Service for soccer fans in the United States.

Voting closes at midnight ET on July 31, 2022.

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