Go back to World Cup 1990 and you have so many incredible stories. The United States qualifying for a World Cup in the first time for forty years. The emergence of Salvatore Schillaci as the tournament’s star player. From Africa, Cameroon made a deep run in the tournament and were unlucky not to make it into the semi-finals. And, of course, you had England crashing out on penalties.

It was also the World Cup of memories. New Order had their hit single World In Motion with John Barnes rapping. You had Diego Maradona and his memorable World Cup sticker. Plus there was arguably the greatest soccer shirt of all time featured in the tournament.

And then there was Orbis and their 1990 World Cup soccer sticker album, which is arguably the greatest soccer sticker album ever published. To call it an album is a disservice. If anything, it’s more akin to an encyclopedia in a three ring binder. Packed with statistics, articles and features on world-class footballers, it’s the ultimate soccer gift for the hardcore fan.

If you don’t believe me, watch the accompanying video to see what this incredible album (okay, encyclopedia) contains.

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