1.     How do you think PES 2013 differentiates from FIFA 13, which is quite a competitor to come up against?

“We differentiate the same way we have throughout our long time rivalry – the gameplay. Our fans have always appreciated PES due to its ability to rely first on the game play to ensure fans get the controls and the strategy that gets them closest to the real thing.  That is why while we’ve added some big licensing bonuses like all 20 Brazilian teams, our main focuses deal with what fans have been requesting: major gameplay improvements.  Player ID, ProActive AI and PES Full Control are the centerpieces of this year’s improvements.”

2.     How does Konami feel about EA’s denial of plagiarism?

“I say this without trying to be dismissive, but this isn’t something we typically comment on.  EA will do what they are going to do and we will continue to try to give fans the best playing soccer game.”

3.     What is the one feature that gamers will see the biggest change in this iteration and will talk about the most?

“I’ll try to narrow down to one, but it will be tough. We have 3 major tent-pole improvements that all complement each other. The first is Player ID, where the top players in the world have been recreated in digital format. Not just their facial features, but the movements, runs, mannerisms. It brings them to life in the game.  There are 2 main features for PES 2013 apart from PlayerID, which are PES Full Control, and ProActive AI. PES Full Control allows the user to freely control their ball. ‘Full Manual Shooting & Passing’ fully responds to the user’s control, and not only through passing and shooting, it gives absolute freedom in trapping, One-twos, and feints that players won’t have had the chance to use before. Lastly for the ProActiveAI, it would make the players to run into open spaces, perform a combination movement in the correct circumstances, which allows for more dynamic attacking strategy than ever.”

“As I mention, they all don’t function independent of each other. They really complement each other.”

4.     Is there any chance that one day gamers can see more leagues like the MLS in the next version?

“We are ALWAYS in the licensing hunt. This happens year round and is subject to timing and relationships and what makes sense so the game can be profitable. Without tipping our hand, we have big things as we move forward strategically. As you’ve seen we are chipping away and growing more and more each year. UEFA Champions League, then Copa Libertadores, then Brazilian League. It’s only a matter of time.”

5.     How would you sell a long time FIFA player on changing to PES? 

“I would say that if they are ready to play at a higher level, come join us. I guarantee you will find it more difficult, you’ll be forced to play against more seasoned players and you be able to have loads more freedom.”

6.     Can gamers expect a Wii U version this year? If not, when? Also, is there a possibility that a Vita version may appear?

“At the time we don’t plan to make PES for the Wii U or the PS Vita. This does not mean we never will. We are still exploring these exciting platforms to make a successful game that takes advantage of these platforms.”