Q: How much does it cost to play Beat The Manager?

A: Beat The Manager is completely free to play.

Q: What’s the object of the game?

A: The object of Beat The Manager is to score the most number of cumulative points based on the three parts to the game: (1) correctly predicting the starting line-up and substitutes that your favorite team’s manager will select, (2) correctly predicting the final score, and (3) — most importantly — picking who you think should be the starting eleven and substitutes.

Contestants will be scored on each of the elements of their entry. Winners will be assessed both on the accuracy of their predictions and the quality of their choices, as assessed by our expert panel. Our panel has devised an algorithm for establishing what the best team would have been in any given match and your choices will be scored against this. The decisions of the expert panel are final.

Q: What prizes are offered?

A: The contestant who is in first place after gameweek 6 will receive an Apple iPad Mini. After gameweek 12, the contestant with the best score from gameweeks 1 through 12 will be awarded an Apple iPad Mini. Then, after gameweek 18, the contestant who has scored the most points from gameweek 1 through 18 will win an iPad Mini. And so on and so forth for gameweeks 24 and 30. The winner at the conclusion of gameweek 38 will receive an Apple iPad Mini.

Q: What happens if I join the game after the season has started? Is that a disadvantage?

A: The panel of experts will weight your performance across the entire season. Contestants who enter early will have an advantage.

Q: What if I change my mind regarding my weekly entry, or make a mistake after I’ve submitted it?

A: If you do make a mistake or you want to make a change, go ahead and submit your entry again before the deadline. We’ll go ahead and will discard your older entries from that gameweek and will use the one that has the latest timestamp (as long as it’s submitted before the deadline).

Q: What makes Beat The Manager different than other fantasy and prediction games?

A: The biggest differentiator is the gameplay where soccer fans get to pick who they think should play in the game, as well as to predict the starting line-up their manager will choose.

Q: What’s the big deal about picking who soccer fans think should play?

A: Over the course of a season, soccer fans often have an excellent understanding of which players are playing well, and which ones are not. We soccer fans can often see things that the manager cannot because he may be blinded by his trust or allegiance with certain players. With Beat The Manager, soccer fans finally get a chance to show what they really know, and to see if they know more than the manager.