Here’s your chance to decide who has been the best defender during the 2014 MLS season.

Hosted by World Soccer Talk, this is the first annual MLS Talk Awards where we recognize the best of the MLS season from players to blogs, podcasts and much more.

Go ahead and vote now:

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Disclaimers: Sites that knowingly encourage cheating will be disqualified. Sites also cannot embed the poll on their own site. Only one vote per person. Voting closes on Sunday, November 30, 2014. The winner of each MLS Talk Awards category will be announced on World Soccer Talk in early December.

Be sure to vote in all of the other categories too:

Players and managers

Best Goalkeeper
Best Defender
Best Midfielder
Best Striker
Best Manager
Player of the Year

Behind the mic

Best TV Commentator
Best TV Co-Commentator

Podcasts and radio shows

Best Radio Show
Best Podcast
Best Club Podcast
Best Podcast Presenter
Best Podcast Pundit

Blogs and websites

Best Blog
Best Club Blog
Best Blogger
Best Writer
Best Online Coverage


Best Book

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