When it comes to VPN and soccer, knowing which are the most reliable VPN services is vital especially if you want to surf the web securely from a public WiFi connection or while traveling. No matter where you live in the world, you can watch soccer games live, legally and on-demand via a free trial to a VPN or Smart DNS service.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Smart DNS services are completely legal. They allow you to remain secure and anonymous online. And they allow you to access any and all online content, whilst remaining hidden from the prying eyes of the government, hackers, snoopers and other malicious entities online.

For example, if you’re at an Internet cafe or coffee shop and you want to watch a legal stream of a soccer game on your laptop, tablet or phone, you can log in to the public WiFi that the shop provides and then into your favorite legal streaming provider. But being on an open WiFi puts your computer at risk from hackers who may be able to steal your login information thereby accessing your banking details and putting your privacy at risk.

Whether you live in the United States or abroad, you should use a secure VPN or Smart DNS service to ensure that hackers can’t see or access any of your private details.

VPNs and Smart DNS services are easy to use and they’re cheap. VPN and soccer can be your two best friends.

VPN and soccer: 3 VPN services we recommend

Express VPN IPVanish OverPlay
Type of service VPN VPN SmartDNS + VPN
Trial period 30-day money back guarantee 7-day money back guarantee No trial
Devices Available across all devices iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, Chromebook, routers iOS, Android, Windows, PS4, PS3, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One, routers
Price after trial $6.67/mth for the annual plan. Otherwise it’s $12.95/mth $9.99/mth $4.95/mth or $9.95 + VPN/mth

VPN and soccer make for an ideal combination. The benefits of VPN and/or Smart DNS services are:

• Increased security online — stay hidden from snoopers, hackers, the government and NSA
• Absolute anonymity online — ensure that nobody can track your web activity, not even your ISP
• Stream geo-locked content — access content and websites normally only available in certain countries

Yes, there are free VPN services but be forewarned. Many of them are un-secure. For example, the popular Hola Better Internet extension for Firefox and Chrome browsers sells your bandwidth, which turns its VPN into a botnet. Read the article to learn about how unsafe and unsecure free VPNs are.

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