The discussion of a European Super League has been raised several times in the media the past week after newspapers reported of a secret meeting in Europe among some of the top clubs from back in February.

But consider this for a moment: Imagine if Champions League matches were played on a Saturday or Sunday. How would that enhance your weekends?

While watching a double-bill of Roma against Manchester United, and Chelsea versus Valencia is quite exciting, it’s often difficult for many Americans who work 9 to 5, then go home and try to squeeze in four consecutive hours of football comprised of those two taped matches.

How many of you fast forward through the matches? How many of you watch them the following day? How many of you simply don’t have time to watch both of them?

For all of the pros and cons of a European Super League, having the matches played on a weekend would garner a larger worldwide TV audience and, selfishly, make it easier for most Americans to watch the matches. But at what cost? No domestic league football.

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