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Arsenal (Home)

Arsenal (Away)

Arsenal (Third)

Aston Villa (Home)

Aston Villa (Away)

Birmingham City (Home)

Birmingham City (Away)

Blackburn Rovers (Home)

Blackburn Rovers (Away)

Bolton Wanderers (Home)

Bolton Wanderers (Away)

Chelsea (Home)

Chelsea (Away)

Chelsea (Third)

Derby County (Home)

Everton (Home)

Everton (Away)

Fulham (Home)

Fulham (Away)

Fulham (Third)

Liverpool (Home)

Liverpool (Away)

Liverpool (Third)

Manchester City (Home)

Manchester City (Away)

Manchester United (Home)

Manchester United (Away)

Middlesbrough (Home)

Middlesbrough (Away)

Newcastle United (Home)

Newcastle United (Away)

Newcastle United (Third)

Portsmouth (Home)

Portsmouth (Away)

Portsmouth (Third)

Reading (Home)


Reading (Away)


Sunderland (Home)

Sunderland (Away)

Tottenham Hotspur (Home)

Tottenham Hotspur (Away)

West Ham United (Home)

West Ham United (Away)

Wigan Athletic (Home)

Wigan Athletic (Away)