World Cup Final delivers 17 million viewers across FOX and Telemundo combined

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Final between France and Croatia averaged 17.2 million viewers across the FOX network and Telemundo combined including online viewership.

Not reflected in the viewing number is the out-of-home viewership, which included huge numbers that watched the game in bars, restaurants and public watch parties across the United States.

TV numbers alone, the France-Croatia final averaged 16.6 million viewers. While not an apples to apples comparison, the 2014 World Cup Final averaged 26.5 million viewers, but that game featured powerhouses Germany and Argentina who generate a lot more interest in the United States than France and Croatia.

Overall on television, the 2018 FIFA World Cup on the FOX and Telemundo networks averaged 4.6 million viewers per game. Compared to the previous tournaments, the 2014 World Cup averaged approximately 8.1 million viewers combined on the ESPN and Univision networks.

For the 2018 tournament that featured 64 games, Telemundo averaged 2.02 million viewers per game compared to an average of 2.63 million on FOX. It’s worth noting that Telemundo has a much smaller footprint. Telemundo is in more than 53 million homes in the United States. FOX Sports, who have been broadcasting games on the over-the-air FOX network and FS1, are in 116 million homes (FOX) and 84 million homes (FS1) respectively. Plus, while Telemundo’s overall numbers are lower than FOX, Hispanics make up 18% of the U.S. population, and yet Telemundo Deportes makes up 41% of the average World Cup viewership (average split for all games through Final (1.9 million vs 2.8 million).

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According to Nielsen Media Research, the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ on FOX/FS1 produced the following U.S. television marks:

• The highest Household Delivery for any Semifinal since at least 1990: Croatia-England – 4,153,000 – Saturday, July 14
• The most-watched Quarterfinal on record: Croatia-Russia – 6,386,000 viewers on FOX, Saturday, July 7
• The most-watched Quarterfinals day on record – Saturday, July 7
• The most-watched weekday non-U.S. Round of 16 match on record: Croatia vs. Denmark – 5,966,000 on FOX, Sunday, July 1
• The most-watched non-U.S. Group Stage match on record on English language television: Germany vs. Sweden – 5,452,000 on FOX, Saturday, June 23.

France’s dominant 4-2 victory over Croatia averaged 11,824,000 viewers across FOX and streaming sources. On Telemundo, the final posted a Total Audience Delivery average of 5.45 million across Telemundo,, and the Telemundo En Vivo and NBC Sports apps.

Here’s the total TV viewership for the 2018 FIFA World Cup:

Thurs., June 14; 11am ETRussia-Saudi Arabia1,370,0001,494,0002,864,000FOXTelemundo
Fri., June 15, 8am ETEgypt-Uruguay1,190,000903,0002,093,000FS1Telemundo
Fri., June 15, 11am ETMorocco-Iran949,0001,695,0002,644,000FOXTelemundo
Fri., June 15, 2pm ETPortugal-Spain1,840,0002,924,0004,764,000FOXTelemundo
Sat., June 16, 6am ETFrance-Australia490,000796,0001,286,000FS1Telemundo
Sat., June 16, 9am ETArgentina-Iceland2,210,0002,973,0005,183,000FOXTelemundo
Sat., June 16, Noon ETPeru-Denmark2,450,0002,001,0004,451,000FS1Telemundo
Sat., June 16, 3pm ETCroatia-Nigeria1,930,0002,178,0004,108,000FS1Telemundo
Sun., June 17, 8am ETCosta Rica-Serbia1,660,0001,826,0001,660,000FOXTelemundo
Sun., June 17, 11am ETMexico-Germany7,120,0004,002,00011,122,000FS1Telemundo
Sun., June 17, 2pm ETBrazil-Switzerland4,350,0004,147,0008,497,000FS1Telemundo & NBCSN
Mon., June 18, 8am ETKorea-Sweden746,000750,0001,496,000FS1Telemundo
Mon. June 18, 11am ETBelgium-Panama1,600,0001,364,0002,964,000FS1Telemundo
Mon., June 18, 2pm ETEngland-Tunisia1,430,0001,931,0003,361,000FS1Telemundo
Tues., June 19, 8am ETColombia-Japan1,520,000953,0002,473,000FS1Telemundo
Tues., June 19, 11am ETPoland-Senegal1,200,0001,647,0002,847,000FOXTelemundo
Tues., June 19, 2pm ETRussia-Egypt1,260,0001,957,0003,217,000FOXTelemundo
Weds., June 20, 8am ETPortugal-Morocco1,270,0001,082,0002,352,000FS1Telemundo
Weds., June 20, 11am ETUruguay-Saudi Arabia1,390,0001,560,0002,950,000FOXTelemundo
Weds., June 20, 2pm ETIran-Spain1,630,0002,240,0003,870,000FOXTelemundo
Thurs., June 21, 8am ETDenmark-Australia913,000854,0001,767,000FS1Telemundo
Thurs., June 21, 11am ETPeru-France1,950,0001,930,0003,880,000FOXTelemundo
Thurs., June 21, 2pm ETArgentina-Croatia2,030,0002,560,0004,590,000FOXTelemundo
Fri., June 22, 8am ETBrazil-Costa Rica1,560,0001,215,0002,775,000FS1Telemundo
Fri., June 22, 11am ETNigeria-Iceland1,340,0002,240,0003,580,000FOXTelemundo
Fri., June 22, 2pm ETSerbia-Switzerland1,410,0002,310,0003,720,000FOXTelemundo
Sat., June 23, 8am ETBelgium-Tunisia1,270,0001,861,0003,131,000FOXTelemundo
Sat., June 23, 11am ETKorea-Mexico6,600,0004,433,00011,033,000FOXTelemundo
Sat., June 23, 2pm ETGermany-Sweden3,430,0005,397,0008,827,000FOXTelemundo
Sun., June 24, 8am ETEngland-Panama1,510,0001,623,0003,133,000FS1Telemundo
Sun., June 24, 11am ETJapan-Senegal2,380,0003,505,0005,885,000FOXTelemundo
Sun., June 24, 2pm ETPoland-Colombia3,540,0004,384,0007,924,000FOXTelemundo
Mon., June 25, 10am ETUruguay-Russia1,670,0001,600,0003,270,000FOXTelemundo
Mon., June 25, 10am ETEgypt-Saudi Arabia38,000301,000339,000FS1Universo
Mon., June 25, 2pm ETIran-Portugal1,670,0002,200,0003,870,000FOXTelemundo
Mon., June 25, 2pm ETSpain-Morocco153,000879,0001,032,000FS1Universo
Tues., June 26, 10am ETDenmark-France81,0001,700,0001,781,000FOXUniverso
Tues., June 26, 10am ETAustralia-Peru1,500,000376,0001,876,000FS1Telemundo
Tues., June 26, 2pm ETNigeria-Argentina2,390,0002,613,0005,003,000FOXTelemundo
Tues., June 26, 2pm ETCroatia-Iceland41,000562,000603,000FS1Universo
Weds., June 27, 10am ETMexico-Sweden4,420,0002,165,0006,585,000FOXTelemundo
Weds., June 27, 10am ETKorea-Germany151,0001,020,0001,171,000FS1Universo
Weds., June 27, 2pm ETSerbia-Brazil2,120,0002,300,0004,420,000FOXTelemundo
Weds., June 27, 2pm ETSwitzerland-Costa Rica109,000571,000680,000FS1Universo
Thurs., June 28, 10am ETSenegal-Colombia1,890,0001,900,0003,790,000FOXTelemundo
Thurs., June 28, 10am ETJapan-Poland29,000422,000451,000FS1Universo
Thurs., June 28, 2pm ETEngland-Belgium1,360,0002,400,0003,760,000FOXTelemundo & NBCSN
Thurs., June 28, 2pm ETPanama-Tunisia89,000314,000403,000FS1Universo
Sat., June 30, 10am ETFrance-Argentina3,510,0004,690,0008,200,000FOXTelemundo
Sat., June 30, 2pm ETUruguay-Portugal3,810,0005,879,0009,689,000FOXTelemundo
Sun., July 1, 10am ETSpain-Russia3,530,0005,116,0008,646,000FOXTelemundo
Sun., July 1, 2pm ETCroatia-Denmark3,110,0005,912,0009,022,000FOXTelemundo
Mon. July 2, 10am ETBrazil-Mexico4,960,0004,181,0009,141,000FOXTelemundo
Mon., July 2, 2pm ETBelgium-Japan1,610,0003,499,0005,109,000FOXTelemundo
Tues., July 3, 10am ETSweden-Switzerland1,280,0001,691,0002,971,000FS1Telemundo
Tues., July 3, 2pm ETColombia-England2,940,0004,375,0007,315,000FOXTelemundo
Fri., July 6, 10am ETFrance-Uruguay2,080,0002,548,0004,628,000FS1Telemundo
Fri., July 6, 2pm ETBrazil-Belgium2,900,0003,519,0006,419,000FS1Telemundo
Sat., July 7, 10am ETSweden-England1,940,0004,763,0006,703,000FOXTelemundo
Sat., July 7, 2pm ETRussia-Croatia2,800,0006,317,0009,117,000FOXTelemundo
Tues., July 10, 2pm ETFrance-Belgium2,320,0004,400,0006,720,000FOXTelemundo
Weds., July 11, 2pm ETEngland-Croatia2,750,0005,504,0008,254,000FOXTelemundo
Sat., July 14, 10am ETBelgium-England1,570,0003,000,0004,570,000FOXTelemundo
Sun., July 15, 11am ETFrance-Croatia5,320,00011,300,00016,620,000FOXTelemundo
AVERAGE 2,026,2342,636,7504,634,453  
TOTALS 131,705,234171,388,750301,239,453 


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