FOX Soccer 2GO becomes FOX Soccer Match Pass

FOX Sports has rebranded their paid streaming service FOX Soccer 2GO to FOX Soccer Match Pass.

The more unique name for the streaming service will help avoid confusion with the free (but authentication required) streaming service named FOX Sports GO.

FOX Soccer Match Pass is currently in beta, and more details regarding the service should be released in the coming days. On first look, it appears to be an improved, revamped version of FOX Soccer 2GO. Improvements include a more modern designed website, integration of soccer highlights into the homepage, as well as the news that long-awaited apps for Apple TV and Roku will be available in the near future.

Plus, FOX Sports has revealed that “additional devices [will be] rolled out later this year.”

With the launch of the rebranded product, FOX Sports is touting a new and improved user experience, a higher quality streaming experience with increased bit rates plus an improved video player featuring multi-angle clips of key plays, event timeline marking, and advanced stats and analytics for select leagues and cups.

While FOX Soccer Match Pass may be an easier (and less confusing) name to remember than FOX Soccer 2GO, it still retains the word “soccer” in it despite the streaming service offering rugby and Aussie rules football in addition to soccer.

Prior to FOX Soccer 2GO, the service was named

In addition to the FOX Soccer Match Pass website, apps for iOS and Android devices have also launched.

While more details will be revealed in the coming days, the FOX Soccer Match Pass platform is powered and run by a third party named Perform (just like FOX Soccer 2GO was).


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