I don’t think Lampard is done anymore than I think that about Terry or Gerrard, but EPL Talk blogger Jesse Chula raised an interesting point about how long England can stick with the “Golden Generation” and realistically expect success. The same question might just as easily be asked about their club teams and the teams of other aging stars. Believe me, it is painful for me to use the term “aging” when referring to players who have fewer than half my years, but when do you start not only discussing the question, but doing something about it?

Sure, older players can still have tremendous impact. See Scholes and Giggs. However, Sir Alex Ferguson is not going to run them into the ground or try to pack the team on their backs. Indeed, he seems to know exactly how to mix and match veterans with younger players to achieve maximum results. Can you say “Chicharito”?

When do you make the leap of faith and stop capping a player simply because he has been capped before? On a club, when do you start subbing out or not starting your high mileage star? Do you wait for obvious collapse?

Last year, before his injury, I thought Aaron Ramsey should have been on the field a lot more for Arsenal, but Arsene didn’t ask me. Go figure.

With all that in mind, I wonder who you readers see as being the future of English football in terms of young players, for country or club (club players may obviously be from anywhere). I’m looking for new blood or little used. Who needs to see more time on the pitch? Is there someone hiding out in the Championship? Give me some names. I’ll go first.

  • England: Hart and Stockdale (risky, huh?).
  • Arsenal: Wilshere, as long as he stays out of trouble.
  • Man. Utd.: Uh, Sir Alex Ferguson is already on it.