TV Schedule for Soccer Games On U.S. Television and Internet


If you’re a soccer fan in the United States, here are our TV guides of where you can find La Liga, Serie A and the EPL on US television and the Internet.

Find out the latest TV schedules for your favorite soccer clubs, leagues and tournaments (for viewers in the United States):


Premier League

La Liga


Serie A

Ligue Un




Russian Premier League


7 thoughts on “TV Schedule for Soccer Games On U.S. Television and Internet”

      1. chirstopher,may i ask you….in the europa league matches.are the fox commentators actually there or are they in a studio in the states like telemundo does with its premier league matches?thanks

        1. Hi Daniel, all of the commentators for FOX’s Europa League coverage are calling the game off TV monitors in Los Angeles.

  1. Hi Christopher would you know if there is any way to tune into the radio broadcast of Sky Sports Saturday. It was working last season but I can not find it anymore.

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