Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Soccer TV Schedules App.

Since first launching our website in 2005, we have always featured listings of where you can find your favorite team on television. As time has passed, we’ve put more resources into creating pages and tools to make it easier for soccer fans to find out where they can watch games on television and streaming.

Now, those soccer TV listings have expanded even more, this time into the world of mobile phone apps. We’ve created the Soccer TV Schedules App, which is available as a free download on iOS and Android devices.

Soccer TV Schedules is the result of three months of design and development to create an app that features a clean and easy-to-use design. It serves a simple purpose, which is to eliminate the confusion about where to watch your favorite soccer team on television and/or streaming.

Soccer TV Schedules App

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With so many leagues and competitions changing their broadcasters in the past one to two years, and many broadcasters themselves changing which channels are broadcasting games, it’s now more complicated than ever for soccer fans in the United States to find out where to watch games. That’s why sites like World Soccer Talk remain so useful, updating you on the latest streaming developments as well as providing the most comprehensive and reliable TV and streaming listings of games from around the world.

Here’s more specific details about the Soccer TV Schedules App, which is powered by World Soccer Talk:


• Follow your favorite teams to see their TV listings first
• Use the filter to see the leagues/competitions you only want to see
• Includes links to watch live games via legal streaming services
• Works with dark theme on your phone
• Kickoff times listed in your local timezone

Other benefits:

• No advertising
• No auto-play videos, and
• No bugs

The listings on the app are for viewers in the United States only, so you won’t have to weed through tons of information to find listings for your country. Plus, the Soccer TV Schedules app features listings for the next two weeks, so you can see all of the upcoming games for your favorite team.

With the app, you can favorite more than one team if you support clubs or national teams from various leagues or countries.

We welcome your feedback about the Soccer TV Schedules App. Feel free to share your reactions and questions as well as suggestions in the comments section below.

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