One of the highlights of the annual soccer calendar is looking to see which international and club soccer teams are heading to the United States to play exhibition matches on US soil every summer. If you’re looking for the schedule of soccer friendlies in the US, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll be updating the following soccer friendlies schedule as soon as the details break, so go ahead and bookmark the page and keep on returning to find out all of the details you need.

Upcoming friendly matches

Which teams are coming to your state? Browse the schedule of upcoming preseason soccer games in the USA below. Plus, we’ve included links so you can find tickets. There is nothing like seeing your favorite stars up close and in person.

All times Eastern United States

Guatemala vs Iceland – January 13, 2024, 6:30 PM ET – Fort Lauderdale, FL Browse tickets

Club Universitario vs Atletico Nacional – January 14, 2024, 6:00 PM ET – Fort Lauderdale, FL – Browse tickets

Honduras vs Iceland – January 17, 7:30 PM ET – Fort Lauderdale, FL – Browse tickets

USA vs Slovenia – January 20, 2024, 3:00 PM ET – San Antonio, TX – Browse tickets

FC Dallas vs Inter Miami – January 22, 2024, 6:00 PM ET – Dallas, TX – Browse tickets

Orlando City vs Flamengo – January 27, 2024, 2:00 PM ET – Orlando, FL – Browse tickets

Inter Miami vs Newell’s Old Boys – February 14, 2024, 7:30 PM ET – Fort Lauderdale, FL – Browse tickets

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How can I watch these soccer friendlies if I can’t attend in person?

If tickets are not your aim, many of these friendlies are still available via streaming or even on TV. For example, in the past, MLS All-Star Games aired on ESPN or FOX. Now that Apple has the MLS streaming rights, the MLS All-Star Game is available via MLS Season Pass. Other games are available via TV.

The full streaming schedule for the list of summer friendlies will be available on the full schedule of soccer games as those dates near.

How do these friendlies differ from other soccer matches in terms of rules and gameplay?

The main thing is that there is nothing of note on the line. For some, there are bragging rights. American-centric soccer fans would like to see the best of MLS compete against one of England’s top sides. Likewise, if there is ever a derby, there can be some international bragging rights, like Barcelona over Real Madrid based on USA friendlies.

Therefore, the gameplay is tamer than what some fans may be used to. Players are not diving into challenges or putting their bodies on the line as much as they would in a league or cup game during the proper season.

In terms of rules, there are some changes as well. One of the main ones is the lack of a limit on substitutions. Teams, particularly those out of Europe, want to interchange players to give everyone a chance to get some preseason action in. Also, games may not always end in draws. The MLS All-Star Game, for instance, will go to penalties if the game is tied. Other friendlies would settle with a draw, it truly depends on the competition.

2023 Summer Friendly Results

Saturday, July 8

Millonarios 1-0 Atletico Nacional, in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Saturday, July 15

San Antonio 1-3 Sunderland

Wednesday, July 19

MLS All-Star Team 0-5 Arsenal, in Washington DC
Chelsea 5-0 Wrexham AFC, in Chapel Hill, NC
New Mexico United 2-3 Sunderland

Friday, July 21

North Carolina FC 2-4 Sunderland

Saturday, July 22

Manchester United 2-0 Arsenal, in E. Rutherford, NJ
Chelsea 4-3 Brighton, in Philadelphia, PA
LA Galaxy II 0-4 Wrexham, in Carson, CA
Barcelona vs Juventus, in Santa Clara, CA [Cancelled]

Sunday, July 23

Fulham 3-2 Brentford, in Philadelphia, PA
Newcastle 3-3 Aston Villa, in Philadelphia, PA
Real Madrid 3-2 AC Milan, in Pasadena, CA

Tuesday, July 25

Man Utd academy 1-3 Wrexham AFC, in San Diego, CA

Wednesday, July 26

Brentford 0-2 Brighton, in Atlanta, GA
Fulham 0-2 Aston Villa, in Orlando, FL
Crystal Palace 1-2 Millonarios, in Chicago, IL
Chelsea 1-1 Newcastle, in Atlanta, GA
Real Madrid 2-0 Man United, in Houston, TX
Arsenal 5-3 Barcelona, in Inglewood, CA

Thursday, July 27

San Diego Loyal 0-6 Dortmund, in San Diego, CA
Juventus 3-2 AC Milan, in Carson, CA

Friday, July 28

Brighton 1-2 Newcastle, in Harrison, NJ
Philadelphia Union II 1-1 Wrexham, in Chester, PA

Saturday, July 29

Real Madrid 0-3 Barcelona, in Arlington, TX

Sunday, July 30

Aston Villa 3-3 Brentford, in Landover, MD
Chelsea 2-0 Fulham, in Landover, MD
Crystal Palace 1-2 Sevilla, in Detroit, MI
Manchester United 2-3 Dortmund, in Las Vegas, NV

Tuesday, August 1

AC Milan 0-1 Barcelona, in Las Vegas, NV

Wednesday, August 2

Ethiopia 2-0 Guyana, in Leesburg, VA
Juventus 3-1 Real Madrid, in Orlando, FL
Chelsea 1-1 Dortmund, in Chicago, IL

Saturday, August 5

Ethiopia 4-2 Loudoun United, in Leesburg, VA
Atletico Madrid 1-1 Sevilla, in San Francisco, CA
Real Sociedad 1-0 Real Betis, in San Francisco, CA

Other ways to watch

Can’t make it to live preseason games in the USA this year, or out of your budget? You can still watch many of the soccer friendlies on TV or online. For instance, the schedule of upcoming games are always updated on our website. Many of the games may be available across streaming, too, including Fubo.

Why do teams play friendlies?

Friendlies serve two purposes for teams. First, they’re an ideal way to gain match fitness before a new season begins. For instance, European soccer seasons usually begin in August. Therefore, the games give coaches and managers an opportunity to play new star signings, as well as trying different formations. Second, the games generate more revenue for the teams and increase the size of the teams’ fan bases.

Historically, major soccer teams have been visiting the United States to play games for decades. For instance, Everton first played friendlies in the United States in 1956. Similarly, the first record of English teams playing in the United States was from 1905.

Nowadays, the summer soccer friendlies are an annual tradition in the United States.

Who plays in soccer friendlies?

Soccer friendlies provide a great opportunity for US fans to see their favorite international stars, sometimes in their own cities. Soccer friendlies also provide the chance for newer players to gain more experience.

For this reason, it’s up to each team’s manager (or coach) to decide who plays in the games. Some coaches prefer to give their youth stars an opportunity to get valuable playing time. Other managers like to build the team’s chemistry by playing the stars who will start the upcoming European season.

Do friendlies count?

Friendlies, also known as exhibition games, do not count for points. In spite of this, promoters sometimes entice clubs with a cup if they win their series of friendlies. For example, Relevent Sports launched the International Champions Cup as a way to make the friendlies more meaningful. Having said that, clubs rarely put much emphasis on winning these friendly competitions. At the end of the day, football teams play friendlies because the games grow fanbases and get teams ready for the new season. Preseason ranked games do not count for points.

You may wonder, what is a friendly in soccer? When soccer clubs first originated in the 1800s, there were no leagues or competitions. So, teams would play against each other in a friendly game. It wasn’t until 1888 when the Football League was created that teams faced each other in competitive games.

If you have questions about the schedule of soccer friendlies in the United States, let us know in the comments section below.

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Summer friendlies

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