1. ‘Hillsborough’ Documentary, Live On ESPN At 8pm ET Tonight: Open Thread


    TV viewers in the United States will have a rare opportunity tonight to watch a stunning new documentary about the true story of what happened at the Hillsborough Disaster. Be sure to watch what I consider the most important soccer film ever made, live on ESPN tonight beginning at 8pm ET.

    The public in the UK won’t get a chance to see the film until next year at the earliest due to the new inquest that began two weeks ago. Once the inquest is over, the BBC will schedule a time and date for the film to air.

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  2. Premier League: Time for Refereeing Academies?

    Mike Jones

    Following a game that hinged on two contentious refereeing decisions, West Ham manager Sam Allardyce last week came out with an interesting concept that perhaps deserves more attention than his usual sardonic post-match complaints: an academy for referees. While Allardyce’s … Continue reading