Messi mania is already kicking into high gear, as the legendary player’s MLS debut draws closer. Fans hoping to score some Messi merchandise now can, with Adidas launching a line of T-shirts to celebrate Messi joining Miami.

Official Inter Miami-branded gear is not yet for sale (you can, however, order a customized jersey with his name/number – I saw someone wearing one over at Disney this past weekend). But you can now get Adidas gear in Inter Miami’s pink, black and white colors. Each of the shirts is stamped with Messi’s personal brand – familiar from his signature soccer boots – in lieu of MLS/IMCF logos.

The various designs feature an overall “Miami Vice” aesthetic. Another option features a literal goat wearing 8-bit sunglasses. The goat is also available in an Argentine national team version (sans shades).

No pink shirts though – all the designs are on either black or white base colors. Anyone wanting a wider array of Messi merchandise will have to wait.

Messi merchandise just a taste of what’s to come

But it likely won’t be long before MLS floods the market with all manner of Messi paraphernalia. The star is expected to make his on-field debut on July 21. And the team and league no doubt want to capitalize on the opportunity to sell as much Messi stuff as possible. There’s little doubt that Messi is going to move a ton of jerseys, shirts, and other items during his tenure in the US.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime marketing event. And it’s a far cry from decades ago, when Pelé caused a similar soccer sensation in the USA. Today, the merchandising machine of professional sports is a massive industry. There’ll be a monstrously huge selection of Messi items compared to the simple offerings available back in the 1970s.

But for now, the Messi merchandise itch might be too strong to resist. So you can grab an Adidas Messi shirt for yourself here.

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