While Messi is making his debut with Inter Miami on July 21, fans can get their first glimpse of the star in his unveiling. In a combined ceremony with Sergio Busquets, Inter Miami fans will see Messi at DRV PNK Stadium less than a week before that home game against Cruz Azul.

According to Mundo Deportivo, that date is July 16. Before then, both Messi and Busquets will be vacationing. Messi recently played in a testimony for former Argentine teammate Riquelme. However, he did later say that he will be ready to play for Inter Miami this season.

The unveiling in front of the fans will allow Inter Miami to maximize the profits of Messi’s arrival. The two former Barcelona teammates are two of the biggest names to come to Major League Soccer in some time. Messi’s arrival alone is one of the biggest moments in the history of American sports, let alone MLS.

Inter Miami is preparing to meet that excitement in this unveiling. The club is adding 3,000 seats to DRV PNK Stadium to allow more people to purchase tickets to see Messi in action. This plan still needs approval before Inter Miami can add seats. Ticket prices have shot up since the announcement, with some changes going as high as a 2,500% price hike compared to just a few weeks ago. Of course, this does also signal that Inter Miami, rather than switching over to the significantly higher capacity Hard Rock Stadium, is staying put at the soccer-specific venue.

Fans ready to see Messi in Inter Miami kit

The unveiling will be a massive moment for both Inter Miami and Major League Soccer. Given DRV PNK’s relatively small capacity in the soccer world, it will not be as big as when players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar or Diego Maradona showed up for the first time in a new kit. Regardless, it will at least be a boost of morale for Inter Miami. Currently, the club is last in the MLS Eastern Conference table.

Even though the club is struggling off the field, people are lining up to see the club. Ticket demand is surging for all of Inter Miami’s remaining games. For example, DC United’s game against Inter Miami on July 8 saw 4,000 ticket inquiries within hours of the Messi news breaking. This was before the July 21 start date was confirmed. He will not be playing against DC United in that game that people lined up for.