Since launching the Premier League in time for the 1992/93 season, England’s top league has continued to grow worldwide. Part of the reason why it has grown so much is due to the United States. So much so that we decided to create this Directory of Premier League Supporters Groups to help you find your local groups of fans in United States of America.

The inspiration for the formation of the Premier League came from several major British sports executives seeing how the NFL managed its business and TV rights. In particular, Arsenal director David Dein played a very influential role in modernizing English soccer. According to the book The Club, a major part of that inspiration came from Dein going to Miami Dolphins games to see how the experience of watching the NFL was so different than an English soccer game at that time.

Directory of Supporters Groups for Premier League teams

As the popularity of English teams has grown in the United States, so too has the number of supporters groups. Many of them organize viewings of games at a local pub that’s associated with the supporters groups.

Nowadays, more than half of the Premier League clubs in England are owned by American investors. Those include the major clubs such as Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea.

Unsurprisingly, many of the Premier League clubs come to the United States in their off-season to play exhibition games.

Here are the links to the Directory of Supporters Groups for Premier League teams in the United States of America:

Aston Villa
Brighton and Hove Albion
Crystal Palace
Leeds United
Leicester City
Manchester City
Manchester United
Newcastle United
Nottingham Forest
Tottenham Hotspur
West Ham United
Wolverhampton Wanderers

If you’re a member of a Supporters Group in the United States that would like to be added to our directory, please contact us via, listing all of your contact details.