One hundred years after hosting the inaugural World Cup final, Uruguay provided a glimpse of what its national stadium, the Estadio Centenario, could look like if the country hosts the 2030 World Cup. Uruguay won the first World Cup, which is the only time the South American nation hosted the tournament.

The Estadio Centenario hosted 10 of the 18 games at that first World Cup in 1930. That included each of Uruguay’s four games. However, a stadium that old is not in prime condition. It is the primary home of the Uruguay national team, but no club plays in it each matchday. Then, with a capacity of just over 60,000, it is considerably smaller than other venues to host the World Cup Final. Stadiums for the World Cup final regularly hold more than 80,000 in capacity.

The Uruguayan government released new renderings of what the stadium could look like in 2030. Should Uruguay win the 2030 World Cup bid alongside Argentina, Chile and Paraguay, the Estadio Centenario would be a major candidate to host the final.

The key part of the renderings is the inclusion of a roof. During July in Uruguay, temperatures do get quite cool. Highs are around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. However, shade is always welcome, and it is a common trend among new stadium designs. For example, Barcelona and Real Madrid added roofs to their stadiums as part of recent renovations.

Updated stadium could boost 2030 World Cup bid for Uruguay

The combined bid between Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay is one of two active and confirmed bids. The other is also between four countries. Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Ukraine are battling the South American countries to host the 2030 World Cup.

The South American countries proposed 18 stadiums across 13 cities. The Estadio Centenario is one of three to have hosted a World Cup final. The Estadio Nacional in Santiago, Chile hosted the 1962 World Cup Final. In the 1978 World Cup, the Estadio Monumental in Buenos Aires hosted the final. However, Uruguay’s Estadio Centenario is one of the leading venues for the bid. It is likely that Uruguay’s national stadium will host the final if the South American bid wins.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Enzo Santos Barreiro