Many soccer fans in the United States may not realize that every year Topps releases Major League Soccer trading cards. There’s hardly any publicity about it. Few seem to talk about it, but they’re out there.

Recently, I decided to pick up a few packs to see what they look like, and I was pleasantly surprised by what I uncovered. The designs of the cards are really well done. There are a sub-series of Pitch Prodigies that feature young up-and-coming stars that are coming through the ranks. And overall, the photography used is of a high-quality level.

After opening the packs, you’ll see that I pulled out an autograph of Tanner Tessmann. Luckily for me, the player has signed with Serie A team Venezia FC in Italy, so the potential value for the card may increase over time especially if he does well in Europe.

Here’s what I uncovered when I opened the packs of MLS trading cards:

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