For 2023, Major League Soccer has moved its entire streaming output to Apple. As a result, games are now on Apple’s MLS Season Pass. To explain how it all works, we’ve written this detailed MLS Season Pass FAQ to help you and fellow soccer fans.

This is the one-stop shop for everything regarding Major League Soccer. Live broadcasts of games, team-specific content and coverage and multi-lingual coverage of each game.

MLS Season Pass is $14.99 per month. However, there is also an annual option that is $99 per season. This is separate from Apple TV+, home to the Ted Lasso series (among other shows), which is $6.99 on its own. Subscribers to Apple TV+ get a slight discount on MLS Season Pass ($12.99/mo., $79/yr.).

It is a turning point for Major League Soccer. Streaming now has a major foothold on the league, as seen with a general move away from traditional TV. But with change, comes confusion. Our aim is to answer all of your questions, and to guide you through the path to watching the league as much as you want. Let’s go.

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MLS Season Pass FAQ

Q: Do you need cable to watch the games if you get MLS Season Pass?

No, you do not need cable to watch MLS games if you subscribe to MLS Season Pass. MLS Season Pass covers every single game, both regular season and postseason, for the Major League Soccer season.

Q: Does MLS Season Pass include Leagues Cup too?

MLS Season Pass has coverage of every single Leagues Cup game, the new competition that partners with Liga MX. The Leagues Cup involves every team from MLS and Mexico’s Liga MX in an annual summer competition.

While select games for both competitions are available on TV, either through FOX or Univision, you do notneed cable to watch those games. They are all available through streaming services such as fuboTV.

Q: What are the advantages of MLS Season Pass?

For the first time ever, you can subscribe to watch every single MLS game for the next 10 years on Apple’s MLS Season Pass. There are no blackouts. No challenges trying to figure out which channel is showing a game. Everything is centralized in one place. That includes the MLS playoffs, MLS Cup final as well as the newly launched Leagues Cup tournament. All games are available live and on-demand.

MLS Season Pass also features pregame shows and a postgame wrap-up to close each night in both English and Spanish. The pre-game show is entitled MLS Countdown, while the post-game show is MLS Wrap-Up. Read more details on both shows as well as hosts and analysts.

Another unique advantage to MLS Season Pass is that it’ll also offer the option to sync the club’s home radio broadcast to the game (available in the United States and Canada only). This is available for MLS only, not Leagues Cup.

Last but not least, MLS Season Pass features a live, whiparound show that brings you all of the goals and talking points as they happen. This is a game changer for MLS, and will help neutrals sit back and watch the best of 90 minutes from all of the MLS games.

Regarding the home radio broadcast availability on MLS Season Pass, here’s a detailed article about how it works.

Q: Will the whiparound show be available in English and Spanish?

Apple’s whiparound show MLS 360 features live action from across all of the MLS games is available in English only. The show is co-hosted by Liam McHugh and Kaylyn Kyle, and includes studio analyst Bradley Wright-Phillips.

Read more details about MLS 360 whiparound show. Note that the show is available in English-language only.

Each week, MLS Season Pass‘ five-hour live whiparound show captures all of the key moments from every match from the start of the first matches on the East Coast to the final whistle of the West Coast contests (7:30 p.m. ET-12:30 a.m. ET).

Q: Any changes to the schedule or calendar now that MLS has a deal with Apple?

Unfortunately, much-needed calendar changes are not happening, but what we do know is that games are mostly played on Saturday and Wednesday nights. A consistent rhythm of matches is a big plus for Major League Soccer, as opposed to previous seasons where gamedays were more random.

During the regular season, there are 29 Saturday nights of MLS as well as six Wednesday nights of MLS games. On average, there are 13 games on each Saturday night, as well as 13 on Wednesday nights.

The vast majority of kickoff times are at 7:30pm local time.

Q: Is MLS Season Pass available worldwide?

Yes, since Apple and Major League partnered on a global 10-year deal, you can watch MLS Season Pass in any country. So if you travel overseas, you won’t have to miss a single game of your favorite team.

In researching this MLS Season Pass FAQ, we heard from several soccer fans who live overseas. MLS Season Pass is available in more than 100 countries worldwide.

To find out if Apple offers MLS Season Pass in your country, if you live outside the United States or Canada, see Apple’s list of countries where MLS Season Pass is available.

Q: Is MLS Season Pass pricing the same worldwide?

No, pricing differs by country. For example, MLS Season Pass costs BRL 249.00 for the entire season, which is the equivalent of $49 (US dollars). Meanwhile, in New Zealand, MLS Season Pass for the season is $179NZD, which is $115 (US dollars).

Q: Do we know how many games are on Apple TV without MLS Season Pass access?

Several MLS games are available for free through Apple TV, according to MLS. In fact, six out of the 14 weekly matches will not be behind a paywall. That extrapolates to 210 out of 493 regular season matches — nearly 43% — available for free during the first season, the most in league history. That equates to roughly 14 free games per team for the 2023 season.

Some of the games are available at no additional cost to Apple TV+ subscribers, with a limited number of matches available for free on the Apple TV app.

Q: Does MLS Season Pass give you Apple TV+?

No. They are two completely different subscription services from Apple. You do get a discount on MLS Season Pass if you subscribe to Apple TV+. But MLS Season Pass subscribers don’t get any savings if they want Apple TV+ too.

Q: Will the games no longer be on ESPN+?

ESPN no longer has the rights to Major League Soccer.

Pricing details, and how to sign up

Q: How do I subscribe to MLS Season Pass, either the monthly or annual plan?

MLS Season Pass launched on February 1, 2023. Visit Apple’s website to sign up for MLS Season Pass.

The first games are scheduled for February 25, 2023.

Q: Is it worth getting the MLS Season Pass annual plan?

If you go with the monthly option that’s priced at $14.99, it’ll cost you $149.99 over the 10 months of the MLS season. Therefore, the $99.99 annual rate for MLS Season Pass is much more affordable. Not only do you save plenty of money, but you have it for all 12 months of the year. That means you can watch all of the off-season content that each club produces.

Note that as of May 2023, Apple is offering a mid-season discount price of $49.99 for the remainder of the season.

Q: Do I need to pay for an Apple TV+ subscription to watch MLS?

No, you do not need to pay for an Apple TV+ subscription to watch MLS. Apple TV+ and MLS Season Pass are two separate entities falling under the Apple umbrella.

However, let’s say you subscribe to Apple TV+. Perhaps you’re a fan of Ted Lasso (season 3 launches this Spring). You get a discount on MLS Season Pass if you already have an Apple TV+ subscription. Rather than paying $14.99 per month to MLS Season Pass, your monthly cost is $12.99. Similarly, the annual option is $79 compared to the traditional cost of $99 for the season.

Q: When do season ticket holders get the code for their free subscription to MLS Season Pass?

Clubs will contact season ticket holders in February 2023 with the access code to use to get MLS Season Pass for free. Note that the free access code is only available to the season ticket account holder. For instance, if you’re the account holder and you purchased more than one season ticket, you are eligible for one free subscription.

So that means that regardless of the total number of season tickets on the account, only the account holder gets the free access code.

The other caveat about the MLS season tickets is that, according to a source, some teams will insist on you paying at least 25% of the costs of season tickets if you’re on a payment plan.

Q: How many games are available on MLS Season Pass?

MLS and Apple promise more than 980 games per season across MLS, MLS Playoffs, MLS Cup final, MLS Next Pro and MLS Next combined. For MLS Next Pro, there is more than 250 games streamed each season.

All combined, there is over 2,000 hours of live coverage planned.

Soccer in the Apple ecosystem

Q: What’s the difference between Apple TV, Apple TV+ and Apple TV, the device?

Apple is confusing, even for people like ourselves who use Apple products on a daily basis to create World Soccer Talk content. So the easy answer to part of the question is that Apple’s set-top box that looks like a hockey puck and streams content to your TV is called Apple TV.

Apple TV+, meanwhile, is a streaming service that features exclusive, original content such as TV series, movies and documentaries. It’s a direct competitor to streaming services such as Peacock, Disney+ and HBO Max, for example.

Now Apple TV, the app, is a different kettle of fish. The Apple TV app is designed to be your central hub for movie and TV show content. It’s a free app to install and download. You can install it across smart TVs, Apple products as well as streaming set-top boxes and devices such as Roku, Google TV and Amazon Fire.

Q: How do I sign up for MLS Season Pass on my Roku device? Likewise, if I have an Amazon Fire stick, how do I get MLS Season Pass?

We’ve created step-by-step instructions for both:

How to watch MLS Season Pass on Roku
How to get MLS Season Pass on Amazon Fire

Q: Do I need an Apple product to watch MLS Season Pass?

Even though Apple has the exclusive streaming rights, you do not need to watch MLS solely on Apple devices. Of course, iPhones, iPads, Mac and Apple TVs do have the designated app you need already installed.

However, any device that carries the Apple TV app is able to easily stream MLS Season Pass. That includes many smart TVs (i.e. Samsung, TCL, VIZIO, LG), streaming devices (Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, Chromecast by Google) and gaming devices (Xbox and Playstation).

Q: Do I need an Apple ID to log in to watch MLS games on Apple TV, Apple TV+ and/or MLS Season Pass?

Yes. In order to get into the Apple TV app to access MLS Season Pass, you need an Apple ID to log in. The same applies to Apple TV+ and MLS Season Pass too. No Apple ID, no games. That includes Android users too.

Q: How many matches can one account holder watch on simultaneous devices/logins?

As we understand it, you have up to six concurrent accounts. And you can have multiple concurrent devices per account.

Q: Is there a separate MLS Season Pass app?

No. MLS Season Pass is available as an option to subscribe to within the Apple TV app.

Find out how to sign up for MLS Season Pass online.

Q: When I install the Apple TV app, what happens next?

After entering in your Apple ID, the next question it’ll ask you is if you want to subscribe to Apple TV+ for $6.99 per month. If you want just MLS Season Pass, click the “Not Now” button and then you should see MLS Season Pass as one of the subscription services you can choose from.

With the Apple TV app, Apple encourages you to sign up for Apple TV+. But if you want MLS Season Pass, you don’t need Apple TV+.

Q: What are the advantages of subscribing to Apple TV+?

Those looking to perhaps add Apple TV+ to their portfolio of subscriptions to have some benefits. As stated, MLS Season Pass is cheaper when you have an Apple TV+ subscription ($12.99/month instead of $14.99/month). However, remember that Apple TV+ on its own if $6.99 per month. Yet, in addition to the discount on MLS Season Pass, you do get the chance to watch Ted Lasso, a favorite among soccer fans. Other content includes popular television series such as Mythic Quest, Severance, Servant and The Morning Show.

Apple TV+ does include MLS 360, the whiparound show. MLS 360 is also available on MLS Season Pass.

Q: Will MLS games on MLS Season Pass feature commercials?

As of the time of writing this MLS Season Pass FAQ, details about Apple’s new advertising network have not been finalized. However, Engadget reports that advertising will be featured across MLS Season Pass games. It’s expected that ads will run on the free MLS games that are offered within the Apple TV and Apple TV+ apps too.

Furthermore, Bloomberg reports that Apple is expecting advertisers to pay $4 million per season with no guarantee how many times the ads will be displayed.

Q: What happens if I signed up for MLS Season Pass but I’m not seeing it in the Apple TV app?

If you’re an Apple user, make sure you’ve upgraded your iOS to the latest version. And make sure your Apple TV app is the latest version too. Otherwise you may miss out on a ton of MLS content.

Q: How do I turn off the scores of games if I don’t want spoilers?

In the settings, go to “TV” and toggle to switch off the scores. For more detail, read our article that features step-by-step instructions.

Q: If I have an Apple computer, can I watch MLS Season Pass via an app?

Yes. After signing up for MLS Season Pass, download the Apple TV app from the app store, and log in using your Apple ID. If you don’t see MLS Season Pass within the Apple TV app, be sure to upgrade to the latest version.

Q: Does MLS Season Pass have the Multicast feature similar to how you can watch four games at once with ESPN+ on an Apple TV device?

MLS is beta testing the Multiview feature beginning April 15, 2023.

Q: Will MLS Season Pass games stream in HD?

Unfortunately not. MLS Season Pass features 1080p video, Dolby 5.1 audio, as well as enhanced data and graphics and more camera angles.

MLS has not disclosed how many cameras are going to be used in games, but it will be more than in the past.

MLS on Android?

Q: Can I watch MLS Season Pass on an Android device?

What about Apple’s competitor in Android? Well, Apple may be in the process of creating an Apple TV app for Android devices. This may not be ready in time for the beginning of the MLS season in 2023, though. In that case, you can still watch MLS Season Pass on Android. You must go through an Internet browser and go to the Apple TV website. From there, you can sign up for MLS Season Pass.

Or Android users can also watch MLS Season Pass on Android TV. If you have an Android TV, here are details on how to install apps on an Android TV device.

As mentioned above, you can watch MLS Season Pass via the Apple TV app on Amazon Fire, Roku, Xbox and PlayStation as well as Apple TV (the device) too.

Need more information? Read our how to get MLS Season Pass on Android article.

Q: Do I need an Apple ID if I’m an Android user?

Yes, an Apple ID is required for everyone. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to create one when you sign up.

Q: Is there any chance in the near future or long-term future that Apple creates an Apple TV app for Android phones so soccer fans can watch MLS Season Pass through the app?

Not at this time, and perhaps it may never become available.

Instead, MLS Season Pass games continue to be available on Android devices through a web browser via

What MLS TV coverage looks like; an alternative to MLS Season Pass

Q: How can I watch games on TV?

MLS games are still on TV, but much fewer than in previous seasons. Univision declined to pick up the Spanish-language MLS rights.

Now, there are 34 regular season games airing on linear TV. Fifteen of those 34 are on FOX’s OTA channel, meaning you do not even need cable to watch those, rather just an antenna.

For Spanish-language audiences, FOX Deportes will average about one game per week in Spanish. This brings in the calendar, with MLS games airing primarily on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with select other days dripping in throughout the campaign.

Furthermore, there are eight playoff games on linear TV. Crucially, this does include the MLS Cup Final. Of course, all games are available on MLS Season Pass, but there is a chunk still available on TV.

Q: What about Canadian TV?

Read more about MLS Canadian TV broadcast plans.

Q: Are there any MLS games exclusive to television networks?

No. Every single MLS game will be available on MLS Season Pass. When a game is shown on television, it is also available on MLS Season Pass.

Q: When will we know FOX’s schedule for MLS?

FOX Sports have announced their TV schedule for February through October 2023. Here’s the FOX MLS TV schedule in full.

Q: Can I still watch MLS games on my local, regional sports network?

This is a big change, and the answer is no. MLS ended all of its relationship with regional sports networks. The only ways to watch games now are through MLS Season Pass (every game) or on FOX (roughly one game a week).

Q: Where are game highlights and goal highlights available this season?

Goal and match highlights are not exclusive to Apple. Therefore, expect to see highlights available across MLS Season Pass, YouTube, social media and the MLS website. Ultimately, it’s up to MLS to decide where to drop highlights across the various different places available to them.

Local MLS content on MLS Season Pass

Q: Can I subscribe to MLS Season Pass just to see my favorite team?

Apple is not offering a reduced subscription service to allow you to only watch your favorite team’s games. MLS Season Pass includes every game from every team, even if you’re only interested in selectively watching just your favorite team.

If this does change in the future, we’ll be sure to update this MLS Season Pass FAQ.

Q: What club-specific content can we expect on MLS Season Pass?

With so much change, MLS is mandating that clubs significantly up their video content. MLS Season Pass subscribers will have exclusive content for each of the 29 clubs competing. However, there are also upgrades to social media content from each team.

Still, MLS Season Pass subscribers have a lod of content coming. One of the categories is called “The Ritual,” which highlights the community and fan aspect of each club by looking into the surrounding area and the history of the supporters.

MLS is having each club do 12 player profiles that run two minutes in duration. These debut throughout the campaign, perhaps giving clubs the opportunity to document new signings. On top of the player profiles, there are five episodes each regarding famous players or coaches of the past and iconic moments. Like the player profiles, these come out throughout the season.

All of this content, as well as press conferences, weekly updates, academy reviews and more is part of “Club Rooms” on MLS Season Pass. It is specific to each of the 29 clubs.

Q: How do I get a more personalized experience on MLS Season Pass?

Fans can select their favorite club for a more personalized experience throughout the Apple TV app. Once a fan selects a favorite club, their matches automatically appear in the Up Next watchlist on the Apple TV app, so they never miss a moment.

Fans can also opt into receiving a notification on iPhone and iPad whenever their match is about to start. Each club page offers fans a single destination to find everything there is to watch on their club. Fans can explore live matches, match previews, and other key club content, including interviews and replays. Fans may also find a schedule of all matches for their club, and enjoy featured stories and highlights that are updated regularly.

With iOS 16, Apple introduced a new My Sports section on the Apple TV app across iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV for fans to easily follow their favorite clubs, teams, and leagues.

Q: Where do I find the replays of 2022 MLS games available on-demand?

Navigate to the individual “Club Rooms,” and there you’ll find a section for match replays.

MLS commentators, and Spanish-language coverage

Q: Who are the announcers and analysts?

Find out all of the MLS Season Pass announcers and analysts in our very detailed guide. It includes biographies, photographs and more details.

Q: Will the announcers call games from a studio or from the stadium?

The good news is that the MLS Season Pass crew from both the English- and Spanish-language broadcasters will be on-site – never remotely. Well, at least for 2023.

Q: Where is the studio for Major League Soccer broadcasts?

The state-of-the-art studio is in New York City. In fact, MLS is using three studios.

Q: Does MLS Season Pass have games in Spanish, too?

Yes, each MLS game is available in both English and Spanish via MLS Season Pass. Additionally, games involving Canadian teams, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, are all available in French. When selecting a game, there is an option to choose what broadcast and voices you hear during the game. There, you can select if you want the English or Spanish option, or French if applicable.

Other soccer coverage

Q: Does Apple TV have any other soccer leagues or cup competitions?

None at this time. There has been talk about Apple’s interest in NWSL rights as well as the Dutch Eredivisie. There have also been reports in England that Apple is interested in trying to acquire Premier League rights, but that would be for the United Kingdom only. Outside of soccer, Apple TV+ has Friday night baseball games.

MLS Season Pass, however, does include the minor leagues of MLS Next Pro and MLS Next.

To find out when MLS games are on, be sure to download the free Soccer TV Schedules App which includes listings of all of the live soccer matches available in the United States (available on Apple iOS devices and Android devices).


If you have any questions that are not answered in the MLS Season Pass FAQ above, please write them down in the comments section. We’ll do our best to answer them in a timely manner by updating the article above.

Additional MLS Season Pass FAQ reporting by Christopher Harris

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