In Spring 2023, Apple TV+ releases season three of its hit TV show Ted Lasso. The two-time Emmy-Award-winning show captured hearts beyond just soccer fans. Now, it enters what could be its final season.

Season two left fans on a cliffhanger. Spoilers ahead, if you have not already watched seasons one and two. We highly recommend you do.

AFC Richmond is back in the top flight. However, rival West Ham signed Nathan Shelley to be manager. Nate and Lasso left off on less than perfect terms, with the former leaving Richmond after a spat with the latter.

The first shot fans get to preview season three of Ted Lasso shows the titular character going face-to-face with his now rival.

It sets up drama for season three, both on and off the pitch. With millions of fans following the show across the globe, there is plenty to be excited for. However, it could be the last time this kind of excitement exists for Ted Lasso.

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Ted Lasso season three could be finale

As of now, there is no official confirmation on the future of the show. However, looking back upon actors Jason Sudeikis and Brett Goldstein’s comments, it appears the show had a three-season life span.

Goldstein, who plays Roy Kent, said season three was written as a final season for the show. Sudeikis said he saw Ted Lasso as a three-season arc. That being said, the star actor would be open to doing more seasons if the opportunity came.

Certainly, fans would want more seasons. The loveable cast has something that caters to every kind of interest. In many ways, the soccer becomes secondary to the relationships and personalities in the show.

There is no official release date yet. However, Apple did claim Spring of this year as the release date for season three of its hit show.