Beginning March 4, MLS 360, the whiparound show for Major League Soccer, is available at no extra cost for all Apple TV+ subscribers. Even if consumers do not subscribe to MLS Season Pass, they can watch the whiparound show that dips into each game during simultaneous kickoffs.

Subscribers to MLS Season Pass continue to have access to MLS 360. However, MLS games are not included with Apple TV+ (other than the whiparound show).

MLS 360 being added to Apple TV+ is great news for subscribers to the streaming service that also include Ted Lasso. The availability of MLS 360 on Apple TV+ was first reported by Jonathan Tannenwald from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

It is welcome news for casuals or fans not affiliated with a specific team. Or, the news caters to those looking to save some money or were hesitant on subscribing to MLS Season Pass. Now, there is a way to get a glimpse at the league with a cheaper subscription.

MLS 360 made its debut on the opening weekend of the 2023 MLS season. Among other first impressions on MLS Season Pass, MLS 360 showed that it can be the center of this endeavor from Apple. Granted, it needs some work, particularly with showing more of the games themselves instead of an over-talkative team of analysts. However, the potential is certainly there.

If MLS 360 can continue to grow and show the league’s true colors, the announcement on the spread of the show could be the bridge for fans wanting to watch Major League Soccer but do not need all the in-depth content MLS Season Pass provides.

MLS 360 available with Apple TV+

MLS 360, along with the rest of MLS Season Pass and that experience, was free for the opening weekend in Major League Soccer. However, MLS Season Pass is behind its paywall for the season. The base monthly fee is $14.99 per month, or $99 for the entire season.

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However, Apple TV+ subscribers, paying $6.99 per month as it is, had the options of $12.99 per month or $79 for the season. If those prices were a little jarring for the more casual MLS fans, MLS 360 appearing in Apple TV+ can save serious money. Moreover, if users already subscribed to Apple TV+ to watch programs like Ted Lasso or War for Football, MLS 360 is just an added bonus.

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