As part of the new MLS deal with Apple TV, each club will put out a large quantity of video content surrounding the team. That includes player profiles, historic moments, community involvement and more.

This video content from the 29 MLS clubs is available on MLS Season Pass. The project is called “club rooms,” offering a backstage view at each of the teams both before and during the campaign. However, this video content is not necessarily exclusive to MLS Season Pass. Instead, clubs can run it on social media or their websites, as they have done with content in the past. For example, LAFC aired “Behind the Crest” as an in-depth look at the team.

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However, content goes far beyond these ‘Hard Knocks’ style videos and series. MLS requires that clubs put together content that is both historical and present. Also, there must be video about the team and about the community. Finally, there are monthly and weekly reports on training and the academy.

It is a load of change for MLS. Yet, it will allow fans to be more involved and knowledgeable about their favorite club. Or, at least, it provides an outlet for new fans to get acclimated to MLS as a whole. Viewers get a total look at each of the teams participating.

Here is what each MLS team must provide, according to a leaked document.

MLS clubs list of video content for this season

Some of the content is on par for what you expect from a team. That includes each postgame press conference for every game, regardless of competition. Also, there are weekly updates for what the team does in training. Videos must touch on injuries, match previews or other news. Essentially, it is just an update video to keep fans in the loop, the kind of thing to appear on Twitter, for example.

Other things are not necessarily new, but would not be guaranteed by clubs. For one, MLS requires 12 player profiles that each run at least two minutes in duration. Rather than dumping these profiles out at once, clubs space them throughout the year to keep things fresh. On top of that, there is a focus on memorable players or coaches. Clubs must create five of those. Additionally, there are iconic moments that clubs immortalize. The five-part series looks back at each club’s most memorable scenes. Of course, that will be more challenging for clubs such as St. Louis CITY or Charlotte FC compared to LA Galaxy or DC United.

Finally, some things are fairly new. MLS calls one new item “The Ritual.” This series focuses on the community aspect of the MLS clubs and their fan involvement and various traditions. Similarly, MLS wants clubs a monthly community report to highlight the efforts made to improve the surrounding community.

Again, more information will rise about the availability of this video content. However, we know that all of it is available on Apple. Expect some of it to come to clubs’ social media accounts and respective MLS websites.


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