One of the main backlashes to MLS Season Pass is the inability to watch on Android mobile devices because there is no Apple TV app. Sure, Android users can watch games via a browser or on Android TV, but it’s not the same as having an app on your mobile phone — like Apple iPhone users will have.

However, Android phones are on the verge of adding that Apple TV app, according to a source. This would open easy access for Android users to watch Apple TV-specific content seamlessly on their device. For example, Ted Lasso is only available through Apple TV+. Also, this makes it far easier to watch Major League Soccer.

The upcoming deal between Apple and MLS has each regular season and playoff game on Apple TV via MLS Season Pass. Before this revelation, Android users did not have as easier a way of access that Apple users had.

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Android users could still watch MLS Season Pass on Android. The method was to go through the device’s browser. While it was a backdoor way that could make things somewhat more convoluted, the option was still there. Android TV also works.

However, the rumor of adding a full-fledged Apple TV app to Android devices will make the experience of watching MLS consistent between those who have different devices.

Apple TV app on Android comes in perfect time

MLS Season Pass launches on Feb 1. While the season does not start until later that month on Feb. 25, this allows MLS fans to see some of the content available on Apple TV, including extensive video content from each of the 29 clubs.

As stated, Android users would not have been left out from seeing this content simply because of the phone they had. However, it would have required significantly more steps than just unlocking your phone or tablet and opening up an app. Fortunately, Apple appears to be testing the app on Android devices to make that whole process streamlined for Android users.

There is no date set on any debut of the Apple TV app on these devices, as these are just rumors. However, MLS fans have their fingers crossed that it kicks in before Feb. 25.

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