One of the most unique aspects of MLS Season Pass is the ability for fans to listen to the home team radio broadcasts of games. If you’re like many soccer fans, you may want a local voice calling the game instead of the national MLS announcers. The choice is yours with MLS Season Pass. To learn more, read on to find out how to listen to MLS radio broadcasts on MLS Season Pass.

It’s worth noting that the radio broadcasts are available for the home team only. Also, local radio broadcasts are available in English-language only. That means no Spanish-language radio broadcasts.

MLS is working with every club to have the local home radio broadcasts available. So the onus, it appears, rests largely on the home team to follow through on making that available.

How to listen to radio broadcasts on MLS Season Pass

Here’s how to listen to radio broadcasts on MLS Season Pass:

  1. To get MLS Season Pass, activate the offer
  2. After signing up, open MLS Season Pass on your favorite device
  3. Select the game you want to watch
  4. In the bottom right corner, click the icon that looks like a radio
  5. Select which audio option you want to listen to (see screenshot below)

The local MLS radio commentary of the game is synced up with the video. Out of all of the bells and whistles in MLS Season Pass, this new feature is the most innovative.

Other benefits of MLS Season Pass include no blackouts, every game available from 2023 through 2032, and the whip-around show entitled MLS 360. Additionally, MLS has a pre-game show called MLS Countdown, as well as a post-match program entitled MLS Wrap-Up. Plus you can watch MLS Season Pass around the globe.

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