Gary Neville has hinted that Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag could very well be fired in the near future. The pundit looked on as his former team was crushed 3-0 at home on Wednesday by Newcastle. The heavy defeat saw the Red Devils crash out of the Carabao Cup in the fourth round. United topped the Magpies in the previous competition’s final back in February.

“Last night we saw the Theatre of Dreams turn into the Theatre of Nothing,” Neville wrote on X after the dismal performance. “Every single United fan bored and flat. On the pitch the players in shock, the performances woeful, and a manager struggling in front of our eyes. We’ve seen it before, we know how it ends and we’ve had enough.”

Manager claims to ‘fight’ for the club during difficult period

The most recent result is not exactly an outlier in United’s season. In fact, the Red Devils have already suffered eight total defeats in the current campaign. This comes as the club has played just 15 matches so far this season. Not only have they now been knocked out of the Carabao Cup, but they are also struggling in other competitions as well.

United currently sit eighth in the Premier League standings after losing half of their fixtures. They also would not advance to the Champions League knockout stage if their group games ended now. The Red Devils are third in Group A behind Bayern Munich and Galatasaray.

Manchester United has lost eight of its first 15 games in the current campaign.
Manchester United has lost eight of its first 15 games in the current campaign.

Manchester United has lost eight of its first 15 games in the current campaign.

Nevertheless, United’s manager told reporters after the Newcastle defeat that he will keep fighting for the team. “I am a fighter and I know it is not always going to go up and we have a lot of setbacks this season,” stated ten Hag. “But also, you have to deal with it and that is never an excuse.”

“I see it as a challenge. I am a fighter, and I am in that fight, and I have to make sure that I share the responsibility with my players and that we stick together and fight together, and get better results.”

Gary Neville says ten Hag is not alone in the blame

Neville also voiced his concern over the club’s lack of leadership from the top. The former Red Devil praised the way Newcastle and Manchester City, two teams that United has played in recent days, set up for success beyond their managers.

“On my way up to the gantry last night I bumped into Dan Ashworth,” continued Neville. “He transformed the FA’s structure, set Brighton up for this incredible period of success, and has now built a strong foundation for the new owners at Newcastle.”

“In the last two matches, Manchester United has played two clubs that have installed proper football departments to support the team on the pitch and off it. The complete opposite of United.”

Ten Hag recently claimed that he essentially has 50% power in deciding on player transfers. However, several high-profile player purchases have not worked out as of yet since the manager entered the fray. This includes the club’s second-highest transfer ever, Antony, after his $95 million move in 2022. Ten Hag previously coached the Brazilian at Ajax.