In recent months, much discussion has centered on the European Super League. The contentious tournament’s organizers, A22, have been making waves with their new suggestions.

A large number of soccer clubs and organizations have disregarded this and kept putting their faith in UEFA. But more and more people are speaking out against the competition. As a result, French President Emmanuel Macron has joined the chorus in a joint statement denouncing the Super League.

France has successfully pushed the European Union to endorse a united declaration. A “link between annual performance in domestic competitions and all European competitions” would be the goal, as reported by POLITICO. Every member state of the European Union except Spain has signed the statement.

The French President is now pressuring the European Commission to propose laws that further establish that connection. The French document goes above and beyond any prior EU remarks.

The letter opposes the idea of a closed league without explicitly mentioning the Super League. In the meantime, it also highlights the need for open competition. This would seal the deal for the A22’s European Super League while barring the UEFA Champions League.

Spain does not join Macron and France in Super League opposition

Ever since a December 20203 decision by the Court of Justice of the EU opened a door for their intentions, A22 has been trying to revive their initiative. It debuted in April 2021 and then promptly crashed.

On Thursday, UEFA will have its Congress in Paris. In the meantime, the French are trying to pass a bill that would do away with the Super League entirely.

Except for Spain, all member states of the European Union have ratified the deal, as reported by Mundo Deportivo. Nonetheless, the research reveals that Spain is now withholding its signature from the joint proclamation for a valid cause.

In the report, the Spanish government explained why it will not sign. Shortly before the oral hearing at Madrid’s Commercial Court number 17, this is the only EU jurisdiction where the judicial process is accessible to the public.

Still, Real Madrid and Barcelona might take heart from this news. The two of Spain’s most illustrious teams are the only ones openly associated with the Super League initiative. They remain committed to bringing the competition to fruition in the coming years.

A22 still declaring victory

In early 2021, twelve of Europe’s most prominent clubs shocked the footballing world by announcing their participation in the proposed Super League. This news sent fans into a frenzy and led UEFA to issue a strong warning.

The plan fell after just 48 hours when nine of the twelve rebel clubs—including six from the English Premier League—refused to participate. But A22 Sports Management has taken it to court in Spain, where the courts have sent the matter to the European Court of Justice for review.

In response to the verdict from last December, A22 declared victory and announced the beginning of a new initiative with 64 clubs from all around Europe. The teams would be divided into three divisions and their system would include promotion and relegation.

Nevertheless, several major clubs have stated their disapproval of the current idea, even some who had only loosely supported the earlier effort.