European Super League is here; it’s called the Premier League

After the January transfer window closed on Tuesday, football executives throughout Europe took a deep breath. The amount of money spent in January alone was staggering. More than one billion dollars. However, the most eye-popping metric was that one single Premier League club spent more on January transfers than every single club in the Bundesliga, […]

UEFA and FIFA can’t block European Super League, court rules

European Super League (ESL) organizers collected a significant victory inside a Madrid courtroom on Tuesday. A22, promoters of the breakaway league, won an appeal previously filed against FIFA and UEFA. The court rules UEFA and FIFA cannot punish the ESL. FIFA and UEFA wanted to sanction ESL organizers for attempting to form the league. Court […]

Apple TV

/ 67 days ago

Super League: The War for Football: Apple's next soccer hit?

Many soccer fans know Apple TV+ for its irreverent comedy series Ted Lasso. Live soccer arrives later this Spring when the MLS/Apple $250 million, 10-year rights deal delivers the MLS Season Pass app, which will feature every MLS regular season and playoff game in one place for the first time. World Soccer Talk got a […]


/ 163 days ago

Joan Laporta wants Super League to replace Champions League

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has backtracked on his stance on the European Super League. Twelve of the bigger soccer clubs around the continent attempted to create their own league a year ago. The move, however, failed miserably as fans protested the proposal. Laporta has now claimed that these massive teams would get bored playing each other so […]