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AC Milan

/ 192 days ago

Liverpool and Man Utd most involved in Super League plans

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin has claimed that Manchester United and Liverpool were the top two English clubs that were involved the most in the controversial European Super League proposals in 2021.   In an interview on The Overlap with Gary Neville, Ceferin also claimed that he “lost it” with an official of an unnamed club. […]

Tories reveal independent regulator plan to give fans more say

The United Kingdom government has published their white paper regarding professional soccer this week. Recommendations of the report came from a fan-led review in 2021 to insist on implementing an independent regulator. This previous review came at a time when the 'Big Six' Premier League clubs attempted to jump ship and help create a new […]

LaLiga president issues rebuttal to Super League plans

Javier Tebas has penned a scathing op-ed for The Athletic regarding the latest European Super League news. The LaLiga president ripped ESL official Bernd Reichart, dismissed scheduling of the proposed league, and claimed that the big clubs are just looking for a cash grab. Reichart announced on Thursday that the ESL is now planning to […]

European Super League new proposal calls for 60-80 teams

European Super League officials have been working on ways to tweak their setup for months now with a new proposal. News surfaced back in October that the league, with help from A22 Sports Management chief executive Bernd Reichart, had plans to attempt a relaunch by 2024. Now Reichart has revealed a new scheme on Thursday […]

Is European soccer going the way of European basketball?

The recent talk about the creation of a European Super League in soccer mirrors European basketball over the last two decades. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and other clubs continue to pioneer the plan for the competition. In that case, European soccer could very easily wind up with the same look as basketball in Europe. It […]

European Super League is here; it’s called the Premier League

After the January transfer window closed on Tuesday, football executives throughout Europe took a deep breath. The amount of money spent in January alone was staggering. More than one billion dollars. However, the most eye-popping metric was that one single Premier League club spent more on January transfers than every single club in the Bundesliga, […]

UEFA and FIFA can’t block European Super League, court rules

European Super League (ESL) organizers collected a significant victory inside a Madrid courtroom on Tuesday. A22, promoters of the breakaway league, won an appeal previously filed against FIFA and UEFA. The court rules UEFA and FIFA cannot punish the ESL. FIFA and UEFA wanted to sanction ESL organizers for attempting to form the league. Court […]

LaLiga warns of impending European Super League

Spain's LaLiga has released a new video slamming the potential reintroduction of the European Super League. The failed league previously made formation attempts in April of 2021. A dozen top teams attempted to break away from their domestic league to create the Super League. However, plans quickly deteriorated and the league never quote got off […]