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/ 54 days ago

New twist in tale: Possible start date of Super League revealed

There may not be much love for it, but the European Super League (ESL) is setting a start date for next year. The European Super League is launching in September 2025. It is an attempt to compete with the UEFA Champions League by bringing together the best teams in Europe in a new style. The […]


/ 75 days ago

'Football is meritocracy': Atalanta coach slams Super League

With a 3-1 aggregate victory against Marseille, Atalanta secured a place in the Europa League final. Their moment to compete for international glory has finally come. The Serie A outfit will now face off against the formidable Bayer Leverkusen at the Aviva Stadium. In the realm of Italian soccer, the notion of a managerial reign […]


/ 90 days ago

"Super League is dead": Barca's Laporta scolded by Al-Khelaifi

In a scathing attack on Barcelona president Joan Laporta, PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi declared the Super League dead. Following its disastrous 2021 debut, only Real Madrid and Barcelona still want to establish a European Super League. Several teams immediately withdrew from the initiative in response to the strong fan criticism, and it swiftly fell apart. […]


/ 132 days ago

Danish Superliga to blame for European Super League's demise

The European Super League organizers are reportedly trying to get teams to start discussions again for a 2025 debut. They are reportedly unfazed by the original setback in 2021. An essential component of the original proposals was the inclusion of Premier League clubs in the revised framework. Regardless, the ESL organizers are hell-bent on moving […]


/ 144 days ago

Crystal Palace owner hopes for formation of World Super League

American businessman John Textor has called for the formation of a new super league. The previously proposed European Super League (ESL), however, will not exactly cut it for the billionaire. Instead, Textor is essentially hoping to create a World Super League consisting from clubs from all over the globe. The Florida native currently owns a […]

Macron urges EU to put the Super League out of existence

In recent months, much discussion has centered on the European Super League. The contentious tournament's organizers, A22, have been making waves with their new suggestions. A large number of soccer clubs and organizations have disregarded this and kept putting their faith in UEFA. But more and more people are speaking out against the competition. As […]

UEFA increases prize money to put halt to Super League hopes

For the last few months, the European Super League scenario has dominated the conversation. The current leaders of the planned league, Real Madrid and Barcelona, want it to eventually replace UEFA's tournaments. After much deliberation, the European Supreme Court ruled in favor of the ESL in December 2023. According to them, UEFA has no business […]


/ 172 days ago

ESL: Laporta reveals names clubs in favor and league start

The debut of the European Super League (ESL) appears only a matter of time, according to Barcelona president Joan Laporta. He proposed that the Super League starts either next season or in the 2025-26 season. When Laporta first proposed the idea, many teams showed interest. However, they subsequently expressed no interest in joining. Real Madrid […]

50 to 60 clubs are holding talks over Super League plans 

Although approved by the EU's Court of Justice, the ambitious plans for the European Super League haven't materialized as anticipated. Several top European clubs boycotted, revealing strong opposition to the innovative idea of the European Super League. A number of sources have indicated that enough teams have agreed to hold the tournament as of late. […]

Talks between Super League and EPL to continue despite rebuff

A new wave of media attention has focused on the European Super League following the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling earlier this month. When it first came out 32 months ago, nine out of the total founders dropped it nearly quickly after. Twelve teams made their plans to form a European Super League public […]

Lazio president says UEFA can't be 'regulator and seller'

Lazio president Claudio Lotito has applauded the recent court ruling on the European Super League (ESL). It was revealed on Thursday that the European Court of Justice essentially sides with ESL organizers in a case against FIFA and UEFA. The court officially declared that the two governing bodies abused their position in attempting to block […]

European Super League organizers promise free streaming of games

The European Super League took a major step toward actualization on Thursday. The European Court of Justice ruled UEFA acted out of its boundaries in punishing clubs for competing in different leagues or tournaments. Consequently, the discussions about the future of the European Super League continued to ramp up. Granted, there is no concrete future […]

Explained: What the European Super League ruling means

An official ruling in the much-anticipated case involving the European Super League (ESL) has come to light. The European Court of Justice declared that UEFA and FIFA abused their positions in attempting to block the ESL from forming. The two governing bodies of the sport acted unlawfully by threatening to sanction clubs for joining the […]

LaLiga boss says Florentino Perez's ESL rant was 'full of lies'

LaLiga president Javier Tebas has responded to recent remarks by Real Madrid exec Florentino Perez regarding the European Super League. The Real president made headlines earlier in November when he stated that the ESL is now "more necessary than ever.” Perez was one of the founding members of the failed league. Tebas delivered his rebuttal […]

LaLiga president issues rebuttal to Super League plans

Javier Tebas has penned a scathing op-ed for The Athletic regarding the latest European Super League news. The LaLiga president ripped ESL official Bernd Reichart, dismissed scheduling of the proposed league, and claimed that the big clubs are just looking for a cash grab. Reichart announced on Thursday that the ESL is now planning to […]