The ongoing feud between Kylian Mbappe and PSG has taken another turn, as the star said he will turn down massive bonuses if he does not sign a new contract at the French club. This ensures the French club compensation if Mbappe leaves. His contract at PSG expires at the end of this season, which opens the door for a free transfer to Real Madrid.

According to The Times, Mbappe will not touch his bonuses this season if he and PSG do not agree to a short- or long-term contract. Those bonuses total just shy of $110 million. This is merely a verbal agreement that is equal to PSG’s asking price to Real Madrid from this summer. As of now, the two parties are discussing a new contract. However, all signs point to Mbappe departing at the end of this season.

In the immediate timeframe, this allows both Mbappe and PSG to focus on the current campaign. To start the season, PSG ousted its star from training. He only returned to the first-team squad just before the season started. Perhaps the club realized that his talents are too valuable to leave on the reserve squad.

Still, PSG was ready to hear any offers for Kylian Mbappe so it could cash in on its star before he left on a free transfer. PSG accepted a bid from Saudi club Al-Hilal for a frankly insane transfer fee. Wages could have reached as high as $700 million for one season if the player freed his media and image rights to the club.

Mbappe freeing bonuses to help PSG

While PSG wanted to make that kind of money off Mbappe, it will have to settle for the $110 million his bonuses would cost. Mbappe turning down these bonuses is his way to ensure the club gets compensation for his transfer. PSG’s previous attempts at a ‘guaranteed sale’ clause in his contract for this season fell through. At the time, that made it seem like Mbappe was truly ready to get out of Ligue 1.

However, this move shows some good faith between the two after their row over the summer. For now, PSG remains confused why Real Madrid has not made an offer this season to acquire Mbappe.

PHOTO: IMAGO / PanoramiC