Kylian Mbappe and his feud with PSG is leaking into the squad’s training for the upcoming campaign. Mbappe, despite his willingness to play out his contract with the Ligue 1 club, PSG is looking for any suitor that can take one of the world’s greatest players off its hands. However, Kylian Mbappe has his eyes set on just Real Madrid, if reports about his aims are true.

In the meantime, PSG is readying for the season under the anticipation that Mbappe will not be a part of it. Mbappe will not sign a contract extension, nor will he sign a ‘guaranteed sale’ clause in his current deal with PSG. He is looking for either a transfer this season or a free move at the conclusion of the current campaign.

Therefore, PSG does not want to use his talents in training. He is with the ‘loft’ squad, which is reserved for either fringe players or those that are simply unwanted by the club. PSG does not have an explicit ‘B-team,’ so this is where those fringe players would go.

Given PSG’s expenses, this squad features World Cup winners, Champions League winners and continental cup champions. For example, this loft squad includes Mbappe, Julian Draxler, Leandro Paredes, Georginio Wijnaldum and Abdou Diallo. Each of these players is not desirable for the club or they need more time before they can train with the first-team squad.

Reports state Mbappe is still working hard in training, perhaps keeping fit in speculation of a potential transfer where he can hit the ground running. Despite training with the ‘undesirables,’ Mbappe is still enjoying his time in Paris. He posted a picture on Instagram with his teammates.

Mbappe remains training with PSG despite potential transfer

Mbappe’s status on this loft squad, or ‘bomb squad’ as it is known in French, can only last until Sep. 2. In French soccer rules, this secondary team must be reintegrated into the first team by that date. Recall that PSG does not have a B-team where Mbappe can simply train. Once the season is rolling and the transfer window is closed, the secondary squad has certain rules. A secondary group must be temporary, it must have at least 10 players on it and each of their sporting reasons must be justified by French soccer law.

It would be hard for PSG to justify keeping Mbappe on a temporary squad that is justifiable for sporting reasons. However, the club is content on keeping the French star in this group for as long as it can. It hopes to have some kind of profitable gain on a transfer by the end of this window.

PHOTO: IMAGO / PanoramiC