It has been revealed that the Jordan Brand is interested in teaming up with a Premier League team from London.

A new partnership might be in the works as Jordan Brand seeks to increase its profile in the soccer market. As early as the next season, they want to have a Jumpman emblem on a Premier League team headquartered in London.

So far, only the Ligue 1 superpower Paris Saint-Germain has worn Jordan company jerseys on the field. The club’s relationship with the company is about to enter its sixth year.

The collaboration between the Red-and-Blues and Jordan Brand has garnered a lot of attention recently. The two companies’ products are among the most stylish to grace the field in recent memory.

Every year, the two of them release new, essential kits and footwear. But the UEFA Champions League underperformance and subsequent star departures have done significant damage to PSG’s image. Sales have been declining ever since.

It seems to have just served to motivate Nike to intervene. Thus, reports of the last Jordan x PSG collection may be released in the 2024-25 season, with the possibility of the collaboration ending thereafter.

Promptly, this rumor was rejected. Yet, unless PSG and Jordan conclude a new agreement, questions over the continuation of the partnership beyond summer 2026 may remain.

Just two possible targets in Premier League for Jordan Brand

Whatever the case may be, the collaboration has been so fruitful in bringing together soccer, basketball, and streetwear. As a result, the company is surely due an expansion of its roster.

The American company is getting ready to enter the Premier League. Their ultimate goal is to establish themselves in the most prestigious soccer league in the world.

Globally, more people watch soccer matches from the Premier League than any other league. When considering where to expand, it’s reasonable to assume that Jordan will look here.

Currently, four Premier League clubs—Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, and Brighton—get their uniforms from Nike, a subsidiary of Jordan. Only Chelsea and Tottenham are located in London out of the four. Thus, it seems that either one or both of them could be the next ones to join Jordan.

What does it mean for Nike?

Footy Headlines broke the news on Tuesday on X with a graphic incorporating the famous Jordan symbol with the Chelsea and Tottenham club logos. Speculation has begun to circulate that the two London-based teams may be the next to join PSG, thanks to the tweet.

On the other hand, what does this imply for Nike, given that they control the Jordan brand? Chelsea and Nike inked 15-year contracts in 2016 and 2018, respectively, with Nike becoming the exclusive sponsor of Blues shirts. In addition, Phil Knight’s Co. does not distribute any of its profits to its subsidiaries; instead, it retains them completely.

However, if the Jumpman from Jordan were to substitute Nike’s swoosh on the Chelsea and Spurs jerseys, that wouldn’t happen. Nike and Michael Jackson’s label will split a large chunk of the earnings.

And the money that the Blues and Tottenham have made from their Nike deal isn’t exactly flying high. The Stamford Bridge outfit receives $70 million per year, whilst Spurs earn about $40 million, Footy Headlines adds.