The timing for Messi’s debut in MLS worked out pretty well. It’s expected his first match for Inter Miami will not be against standard MLS opposition, but instead versus Liga MX’s Cruz Azul in Leagues Cup play. Now, the team has released information for those seeking tickets to the July 21 Messi debut match.

It’s an awkward situation for Inter Miami in terms of promotion. The gigantic star everyone is talking about is not specifically mentioned in their release. Nor is he featured anywhere on their website. Until the deal becomes official, they have to dance around the elephant in the room.

Anyhow, if you’re in the market for tickets, here’s the lowdown:

Season ticket holders have first dibs on tickets to the game. They’ll get access Thursday, June 28 for tickets to the July 21 match. Next in line are those people on the season ticket deposit waiting list. If tickets are still available, they’ll receive access for presale tickets tomorrow, June 29 at 10AM ET.

General public tickets for Messi debut

At 12PM ET on Thursday, June 29, any remaining tickets go on sale to the general public. With one of the smaller venues in MLS, it’s likely be slim pickings for non-season ticket holders. A lot of folks are already heading to the secondary market to score seats.

Don’t miss the match

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Get discount

Tickets to the July 25 Leagues Cup match versus Atlanta undergo a similar presale process for season ticket holders at a later date.

In addition, as of now, season ticket holders only have access to their tickets for the upcoming July 1 regular season game versus Austin. The remainder of 2023 home game tickets become available to ticket holders at a later time. This is likely an attempt to prevent the secondary ticket market being flooded with season ticket holders trying to cash in on the Messi hysteria.

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