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Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Derek is a lifelong south Florida sports fan, and has been working in soccer/sports as a graphic artist since 2008. His stops have included Miami FC (USL1), the Florida Marlins (MLB), Fort Lauderdale Strikers (NASL), and North American Soccer League, as well as creating custom logo designs for clubs and leagues across North America, such as Atlantic City FC, Boca Raton FC, New Orleans United, 1812 FC Barrie, the Florida Gold Coast League, and more.

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Social Media

/ 51 days ago

Top 5 dumbest soccer takes taking over social media

Social media can be described as both a blessing and a curse. It allows people from all over the world, from all walks of life, to come together and participate in dialogues about just about anything. The downside is that it's often a birds-eye view for some of the dumbest soccer takes Drumroll, please. Here […]

Football Shirts

/ 51 days ago

The best soccer T-shirts to buy right now

If you're looking to expand your wardrobe, consider scoring one of the best soccer T-shirts available now at the World Soccer Talk Store. A variety of shirts are available in the World Soccer Talk store. These custom designs are based on some of your favorite clubs and countries, plus more inspired by the wonderful game […]

Apple TV

/ 53 days ago

MLS Season Pass key dates in 2024

The year 2024 is here and it brings the second season of MLS Season Pass – Major League Soccer's ambitious direct-to-streaming platform in partnership with Apple TV. Every regular season, Leagues Cup, and MLS Cup playoff game is featured on the service. And it is the only way to watch the majority of matches featuring […]

Inter Miami CF

/ 54 days ago

Don't miss Messi mania: Grab your tickets to Inter Miami's games

Messi's MLS arrival in the summer of 2023 gave American soccer fans just a taste of one of the greatest players of all time. The year 2024 will bring a full slate of games. No doubt, tickets to see Messi and Inter Miami will be hot commodities all over North America. Whether for home games […]

Copa America

/ 56 days ago

How to stream Copa America 2024

Copa America is one of the biggest and most prestigious soccer tournaments in the world. And it's coming to the United States of America in 2024. But if you can't make it to the games, here's how you can stream Copa America to your favorite devices. Streaming Copa America games in 2024 Copa America has […]

American Soccer

/ 56 days ago

Is a fall-to-spring or spring-to-fall calendar best for US soccer?

The soccer calendar in the United States, especially in recent times, is a big topic of discussion. Much of the world's soccer operates on a fall-spring schedule, including all of the major European leagues and tournaments. This is why the big international events such as the World Cup, Euros, Copa América, and so on are […]

Euro 2024

/ 56 days ago

How to stream Euro 2024

In a year of massive soccer events, the Euro 2024 competition is certainly a headliner. UEFA's quadrennial tournament to crown a European champion kicks off this June in Germany. If you're wondering how to stream Euro 2024, here's all the details. Streaming the Euro tournament The broadcasting rights for Euro 2024 are shared between FOX […]

Asian Cup

/ 58 days ago

AFC Asian Cup 2024 TV Schedule USA

The AFC Asian Cup is the premier international soccer competition for Asia, spanning a massive area and many countries. Our Asian Cup TV schedule has all the games. As of January 2024, CBS Sports is the rights holder for the tournament in the United States. Every game will be featured on the Paramount+ streaming service. […]


/ 61 days ago

How many people watch Copa America?

CONMEBOL's Copa América is arguably the second-biggest international soccer tournament in the world, after only the FIFA World Cup. With some of the best teams and players on Earth taking part, it's easy to see why the competition has such prestige. But how many fans watch Copa America every four years? Soccer fans flock to […]


/ 61 days ago

Has USA ever won Copa America?

Copa América mostly features teams from South America, as it is the regional championship for that continent. But they occasionally invite guest teams, and the United States of America has played in the competition before. How has the USA done in Copa America, and have they ever won? The USA at Copa America: A History […]

Copa America

/ 62 days ago

What are the groups for Copa America 2024

With the draw complete, Copa America 2024 is starting to feel real. The quadrennial South American championship tournament is coming to the USA for the second time. But unlike the special 2016 centennial edition, this one is a regularly scheduled competition. The groups for Copa America 2024 feature some compelling matchups. Here's how things break […]

Leagues: NWSL

/ 63 days ago

NWSL vs USL Super League on a collision course in US soccer

As the male professional soccer leagues in the United States continue their Soccerwarz, the same mistakes and lack of leadership from the United States Soccer Federation are creating a similar situation for the women. Starting this summer, a brand-new independent women's soccer league named USL Super League will debut going head-to-head against the NWSL. Women's […]

American Soccer

/ 63 days ago

Reasons to be optimistic for American soccer in 2024

Soccer in the USA can sometimes feel tough to get excited about. Our leagues aren't the best in the world, organizational problems sometimes cause rifts between leagues and teams, and unfortunately far too often we lose professional clubs. But there are always reasons to be positive. And some fantastic things are on the way to […]

Copa America

/ 63 days ago

What is Mexico's record in Copa America?

The Mexican national team is historically the top side in their own region, CONCACAF. That's of course all the nations in North and Central America and the Caribbean. But they have also shined to the south, as frequent invitees to CONMEBOL's Copa América, the South American championship. Mexico's record in Copa America is a good […]

Apple TV

/ 67 days ago

How to get an Apple TV+ free trial for 3 months

Apple TV+ has become one of the top destinations for streaming in recent years. The service offers many exclusive series, movies, and documentaries with selections to fit just about any taste. And now you can start seeing for yourself with a free trial to Apple TV+. Get your free trial to Apple TV+ It's really […]

Leagues: EPL

/ 68 days ago

Boxing Day delivers heated Premier League action

It's one of the biggest days on the English football calendar. How did the results shake out on Boxing Day in the Premier League? Games had implications from the top of the table to the bottom, and here's a rundown of the action from the big day. Boxing Day 2023 Premier League Results Newcastle 1-3 […]

Brasileiro League

/ 68 days ago

Brazil risks FIFA suspension over CBF court ruling

FIFA has threatened Brazil with a suspension in the latest development in the controversy surrounding the nation's soccer federation president. Confederação Brasileira de Futebol (CBF) president Ednaldo Rodrigues was removed from office by court order in early December due to issues with his election last year. Two higher courts then upheld the decision this past […]


/ 68 days ago

What country has the most Copa America titles?

The Copa America tournament is one of the most prestigious international soccer titles on Earth. After the World Cup, it's probably even with the European Championship in terms of importance. With some of the best teams and players competing for glory, it's also one of the hardest to win. But who has the most Copa […]


/ 69 days ago

How many CONCACAF teams go to Copa America

The Copa America is South America's international championship tournament. However, since 1993, the competition has usually invited guest teams from other regions to participate. This helps with streamlining the format, with a minimum of 12 teams, allowing for more groups. The most frequent visitors over the years have been North American teams. The number of […]

Top 20 soccer clubs with most social media followers

For better or worse, social media is engrained as a part of everyday modern society. And the soccer world is no exception. Fans flock to the accounts of their favorite teams to get the latest news and show support. Which soccer clubs have the most social media followers? Here are the numbers. Soccer clubs with […]