Derek Reese

Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Derek is a lifelong south Florida sports fan, and has been working in soccer/sports as a graphic artist since 2008. His stops have included Miami FC (USL1), the Florida Marlins (MLB), Fort Lauderdale Strikers (NASL), and North American Soccer League, as well as creating custom logo designs for clubs and leagues across North America, such as Atlantic City FC, Boca Raton FC, New Orleans United, 1812 FC Barrie, the Florida Gold Coast League, and more.

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Bay FC

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Bay FC unveiled as latest NWSL team

The National Women's Soccer League will be adding a San Francisco Bay Area team in 2024, and now we know what it will be called – Bay FC. The name "Bay Football Club" was unveiled alongside the team branding Thursday. Notably, the club includes USWNT alumni Brandi Chastain, Danielle Slaton, Leslie Osborne and Aly Wagner […]

AC Milan

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AC Milan 23/24 kit blends modernity with tradition

The AC Milan 23/34 has been released onto the world, and it's a slick new variation of an iconic shirt. Per the club, the new top is "Inspired by the city of Milan and the unstoppable spirit of its people." It delivers on the traditional Rossoneri red and black look, but rendered in a series […]

Americans are watching far less primetime network TV

Primetime network TV used to be the be-all and end-all of broadcasting relevance in the US. But Americans, especially younger viewers, have been watching less traditional TV for years. And the drop-off has only increased recently. Primetime is usually considered to be from 8:00-11:00 PM locally, and this includes many major sports events. Major soccer […]

Best Daily TV Show: 2023 World Soccer Talk Awards

Soccer fans in the US have it better than ever, with tons of soccer on TV. We now have multiple daily programs that discuss the sport. But the question is, which is the best daily TV show? CBS have come on strong in 2023 with the introduction of the Golazo Network and the Box 2 […]

Best TV Coverage: 2023 World Soccer Talk Awards

Here at World Soccer Talk, the provider with the best TV coverage is a frequent topic of debate. Breaking news regarding which channel carries which league always sparks debate. Most fans want to see their favorite provider carry their favorite league. Clearly, that is not always the case. With worldwide soccer leagues airing on seemingly […]
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Best Analyst: 2023 World Soccer Talk Awards

As part of the 2023 World Soccer Talk Awards, vote for your selection for the best analyst for U.S. TV. These analysts play a role in breaking down what a common fans see on TV. Oftentimes, these analysts are former players with first-hand experience of playing in major games. Moreover, the increase in analysts' popularity […]

Best Club Podcast: 2023 World Soccer Talk Awards

With the growth of podcasts, many have a pick for the best club podcast. This is an audio recording usually over an hour long. However, rather than focusing on a variety of topics throughout the world of soccer, these focus solely on one club. Will the host and analyst sometimes discuss other topics? Absolutely, there […]

Best Podcast: 2023 World Soccer Talk Awards

A few years ago, there would be slim options for the best podcast award. Nowadays, they are one of the primary forms soccer fans turn to for their news, updates and opinions. For many, podcasts are a way of listening to a conversation that they can actually be a part of. It humanizes athletes and […]

Best Commentator: 2023 World Soccer Talk Awards

The 2023 World Soccer Talk Awards allow you, the fans, to vote on who is the best commentator. You will find that the names listed below span leagues, tournaments and broadcasters for the American audience. These voices call everything from the best Premier League game of the weekend to the UEFA Champions League or Major […]

Best Podcast Analyst: 2023 World Soccer Talk Awards

There are certain names who emerge as the candidates for the best podcast analyst in the soccer world. Oftentimes, it depends on the format of the podcast. Many podcasts thrive on the guest format. In this, podcast hosts welcome a guest and they break down their life or recent events. There may not be a […]

Best TV Presenter: 2023 World Soccer Talk Awards

Who do you think is the best TV presenter for soccer coverage in the United States? Using this poll, you can select from the major candidates on the providers that broadcast soccer throughout the year. Presenters, or hosts, of studio shows are the ones that drive discussion. Generally, they are well-versed in the knowledge of […]

Best Streaming Service: 2023 World Soccer Talk Awards

Everyone has a take on what the best streaming service is for soccer. Sometimes it comes down to how much is available, which competitions are on the platform or which stream does it best. There are a number of factors that can influence everyone's take on the best streaming service. Plus, everyone rates those factors […]

Best Website: 2023 World Soccer Talk Awards

What do you think is the best website for you to get all of your soccer content? As much as we would love it to be World Soccer Talk, we understand how different websites cater to different audiences. (World Soccer Talk is also ineligible to participate). World Soccer Talk is the leader in TV and […]

Best Writer: 2023 World Soccer Talk Awards

The nominees for best writer are some of the most recognizable names and faces in the soccer media. Some count journalism as a forgotten art. Yet, few people have the ability to tell stories and break news in the way these writers do. Writing is just that, an art. Everyone can watch a soccer game, […]

Best Podcast Host: 2023 World Soccer Talk Awards

The best podcast hosts all have certain similarities. They are entertaining, which is perhaps the most important role. Listeners are often there to learn, but also take enjoyment from a conversation spanning over an hour. Another role of a podcast host is to direct the conversation. It can often be hard to come up with […]

Best Co-Commentator: 2023 World Soccer Talk Awards

On this page, you can vote for the best co-commentator found on American broadcasts of the beautiful game. Co-commentators play an important but perhaps under-appreciated role in soccer broadcasts. While the lead voice calls it as it is, his or her partner is there to provide insight that the common fan may not pick up […]

Best YouTube Channel: 2023 World Soccer Talk Awards

The debate for best YouTube channel in the soccer world heated up over the past several years. Previously, YouTube was a smaller platform with a heavy presence of gaming, highlights and vlogging. Those facets of YouTube still exist. In fact, they bloomed into being full-time careers with millions of followers. Even then, the landscape of […]

Best Fan YouTube Channel: 2023 World Soccer Talk Awards

The nominees for best fan YouTube channel are some of the most devoted fans on the Internet. Even more impressive, they put their highs AND lows out there for the world to see. For some clubs, this can be great. They share the experience of winning major games and trophies with thousands of their closest […]


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Liverpool vs Everton: Where to watch in the US

Liverpool vs Everton is one of the key rivalries in England. These two neighbors contest one of the geographically closest matchups in the world, and here's the info on where you can watch: Where to find Liverpool vs Everton Viewers in the US can find Liverpool vs Everton in several locations, depending on the date, […]

AC Milan

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Juventus vs AC Milan: Where to watch in the US

Juventus vs AC Milan is a matchup of two of the biggest and most well known clubs in Italy. As perennial contenders for the scudetto and Champions League spots, Juve-Milan fixtures always carry a bit of extra weight to them. Here's how you can watch when the two get together: Where to find Juventus vs […]