One of the unintended consequences of MLS Season Pass is that the MLS co-commentators are no longer the stars of the show.

It didn’t used to be that way. When ESPN had rights to MLS, co-commentator Taylor Twellman was arguably the number one US Soccer and MLS analyst in the United States. He, along with other co-commentators, were featured front and center on live television. They had the opportunity, including at half-time, to get their points across to a large audience on television.

But due to the runaway success of MLS 360, Apple TV’s whip-around show on MLS Season Pass, the Saturday night program that airs from 7PM to around midnight ET is appointment viewing for fans of MLS teams. On MLS 360, the analysis during games is brought to you by Liam McHugh, Kaylyn Kyle, Sacha Kljestan and Bradley Wright-Phillips.

When watching MLS 360, the only time we hear match commentators and co-commentators is when the producer lets us eavesdrop on a goal call. Even when that happens, it’s usually only for ten to fifteen seconds. Similarly, the style of a lot of American co-commentators is to go silent after a goal is scored, to allow the crowd noise to be heard. By doing so, it reduces the amount of air-time even more, stealing away precious seconds from the analysis that we want to hear from co-commentators.

What’s the solution for MLS analysts who are stars?

Of course, we can always watch a match broadcast and listen to the commentary duo for the entire game. But unless you’re a fan of a specific team, or you’re interested in only one game, you’re more likely to want to watch MLS 360.

MLS co-commentators no longer being the stars of the show due to MLS Season Pass is not a problem. At least, not for MLS or Apple TV. Instead, the more popular MLS 360 becomes, the more likely it is that co-commentators fall down the pecking order of importance.

MLS analysts are stars, but when it comes to MLS Season Pass, they’re getting less exposure than what they’re accustomed to.

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