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/ 58 days ago

MLS 360 changes on MLS Season Pass for 2024

When the 2024 Major League Soccer season starts in full on Saturday, February 24, whiparound show MLS 360 will return as a focal point. Apple is entering the second year of its deal to be the global streaming platform for Major League Soccer. MLS 360, which covers each game live as it happens during simultaneous […]

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/ 302 days ago

Best soccer whiparound shows on TV

Whiparound shows are becoming increasingly important soccer shows for American audiences. With more games at similar times, it is hard for the average soccer fan to truly keep track of everything happening at once. Whiparound shows at least provide the opportunity to get the latest updates as they happen from around the grounds. American soccer […]

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/ 330 days ago

Why MLS needs a reality check

This episode of the World Soccer Talk Podcast, entitled MLS: When Hype Doesn’t Match Reality, is presented by Sling. We cover a range of topics including the Bundesliga title race, Premier League relegation battle, manager merry-go-round across Europe and other subjects. But you, the listeners, keep on pulling us back in to talk about MLS […]

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/ 334 days ago

MLS 360 whip-around show to debut for free on YouTube

For the first time this year, MLS 360 is available for free on YouTube. The whip-around show debuted ahead of the current Major League Soccer season. Previously only accessed by Apple TV+ subscribers or on MLS Season Pass, the show is set to be available on YouTube (as well as Apple TV) for the upcoming […]

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/ 389 days ago

MLS Season Pass: MLS analysts no longer stars of the show

One of the unintended consequences of MLS Season Pass is that the MLS co-commentators are no longer the stars of the show. It didn't used to be that way. When ESPN had rights to MLS, co-commentator Taylor Twellman was arguably the number one US Soccer and MLS analyst in the United States. He, along with […]

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/ 411 days ago

MLS 360 available to all Apple TV+ subscribers

Beginning March 4, MLS 360, the whiparound show for Major League Soccer, is available at no extra cost for all Apple TV+ subscribers. Even if consumers do not subscribe to MLS Season Pass, they can watch the whiparound show that dips into each game during simultaneous kickoffs. Subscribers to MLS Season Pass continue to have […]

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/ 427 days ago

MLS Season Pass pre-game, post-game, whip-around details

The year 2023 is a whole new ball game for Major League Soccer. With the launch of MLS Season Pass, it means a brand-new pre-game, post-game and whiparound show for fans of MLS teams. It's all part of the new Apple-MLS deal. And we have all of the details. Without the talent, MLS Season Pass' […]