We recently asked for your questions about MLS’ new soccer subscription service from Apple. With this in mind, we combined the best questions from across this website and social media. Thus, we created this video featuring MLS Season Pass answers to your questions.

As a refresher, MLS Season Pass is the exclusive home of Major League Soccer from 2023 through 2032. Briefly, MLS Season Pass features no blackouts. Plus the service offers pre-game, post-match and whip-around coverage.

Anticipation is building for MLS Season Pass. However, the partnership between Apple and MLS is a major change for soccer fans in the United States. In fact, it’s the biggest change a league has ever encountered for viewers in the States.

As such, there are so many questions that fans have. Hence, the reason why we are sharing all of the details with you.

MLS Season Pass answers: Helpful resources

In the video, we mentioned a couple of specific resources you can find at World Soccer Talk. Those are:

• How to watch MLS games on replay with MLS Season Pass
• MLS Season Pass: How to turn off spoilers
• How to listen to MLS radio broadcasts on MLS Season Pass

Guide to Major League Soccer

Here are some resources to help you get the most out of MLS Season Pass!
TV Schedule: All the info on where and when to watch every game
Season Pass FAQ: We answer your questions about MLS Season Pass
Sign up: Learn how to subscribe to MLS Season Pass
Commentators: Check out who's calling the action for the MLS season
Android users Tips for fans Android users on how to watch MLS Season Pass

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