Anticipation is building for the Premier League’s resurgence. But before that, some of the league’s biggest names will play their friendlies in the United States.

July will see Arsenal take on Manchester United and Liverpool in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. At the same time, Chelsea’s schedule includes a friendly against Real Madrid and Wrexham and a matchup with Manchester City in Columbus.

Other teams that will be visiting the United States for preseason games include Crystal Palace, Wolves, Aston Villa, and West Ham. Despite that, enthusiasts are itching for the return of top-flight English football.

What can we expect in 2024-25?

Will the dominance of Manchester City and Arsenal persist, or will other contenders rise to challenge their reign? Aston Villa could emerge as a surprise package. However, sustaining their form alongside Champions League commitments will be a daunting task for Unai Emery’s squad.

A significant shake-up looms over Liverpool, with Jurgen Klopp’s departure leaving a void at Anfield after his nine-year tenure. The managerial landscape across the league may witness further upheaval, with speculation swirling around the future of Manchester United’s Erik Ten Hag.

Meanwhile, with their first attempt, Leicester reclaimed their place in the Premier League from the Championship. Also, with Kieran McKenna at the helm, Ipswich Town made it back to the top flight after a 22-year absence.

Following May 26th’s Championship play-off final between Leeds and Southampton, the 2024/25 roster will be finalized. The three promoted teams from 2022–23—Sheffield United, Burnley, and Luton—were immediately sent crashing back down to the Championship.

When will the 2024-25 Premier League season begin?

While the off-season can feel interminable for soccer aficionados, the Premier League has confirmed a 90-day hiatus between seasons. Thus, the 2024-25 campaign will commence on August 17 and conclude on May 25. Fixture congestion over the festive period will be mitigated, ensuring a more balanced schedule for players.

After the 2024 Euro and the 2024 Copa America end (both on July 14), little over a month will pass before the start of the next Premier League season. Teams in a given division often begin their preseason schedules in the middle to the latter part of July.

However, there won’t be much of a break for Premier League players before the new campaign. The Summer Olympics soccer tournament ends on August 10, a week before the season starts.

Unlike the previous season, there will be no mid-season break, as the Football Association prioritizes an extended off-season for players’ recuperation. Medical and technical considerations underpin this decision, emphasizing the importance of sustained rest over brief respites.

The 2024-25 Premier League season promises 33 weekends, four midweek rounds, and 380 matches across 38 matchdays for all 20 clubs. Fixture announcements are eagerly awaited, scheduled for release on June 18, heralding the commencement of another thrilling chapter in English football.