With the 2023/24 Premier League campaign officially in the past, it is not too early to start looking forward to next season’s key dates. The 2024/25 Premier League campaign will follow a busy summer of soccer. Both the European Championship and Copa America mean the top talents from the Premier League are in action. Additionally, the Olympics in Paris add another layer to this summer’s schedule.

Yet, once all that settles, fans’ eyes fixate on the Premier League. Even before then, Premier League fans will be buzzing with things like managerial shakeups or wildly expensive transfers. In that regard, fans do not have to wait long for Premier League news to return.

Currently, we do not know the official schedule for the Premier League. Much less, the 20 teams for the 2024/25 Premier League are not finalized. Sheffield United, Burnley and Luton Town will not play in next season’s campaign, while Leicester City and Ipswich Town are coming up. The third replacement team is one of the teams advancing out of the playoff final on Saturday, May 26.

Soon after that, we will see the first moves in the Premier League. Clubs will make big-money signings to increase their chances of success both domestically and in Europe. No league has spent as much as the Premier League despite the looming threat of financial fair play. Once those transfers start flying in, anticipation ramps up for the league.

Key dates ahead of the next Premier League season

Here are some of the dates to circle on your calendar if you already cannot wait for the return of the Premier League next season. Each of the matchdays will be available on NBC’s platforms in the United States as the broadcaster enters the third year of its six-year contract.

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June 14-August 30: Summer transfer window

On June 14, the summer transfer window opens up. This will be the first chance many players will have to begin moving between clubs. Oftentimes, moves pour in around July 1, when the fiscal year begins for the new campaign. Then, the deadline day moves on Aug. 30 lead to some calamitous moments.

June 18: Premier League schedule release

Once the Premier League releases each team’s schedule for the 2024/25 campaign, fans can start to plot out where to pick off points. The main challenge is that the schedule will not play out perfectly. Appearances in European competitions and cup ties change the schedule around. However, it will follow this outline for the campaign, and certain matchdays will instantly stand out among the rest.

August 17: Beginning of the Premier League season

Even though we do not know what fixtures will happen on the first matchday, the Premier League will certainly begin on Saturday, Aug. 17. The first game is always one of the most important of the season as it sets the tone for the early stages of the Premier League. Also, fans have the benefit of knowing all 20 teams will be in action, which means Ipswich Town will play its first Premier League game since 2001/02.

January 1 to February 3: Winter transfer window

The second transfer window is usually not as volatile as the one in the summer. However, teams often resort to desperation in the January window. Bruno Fernandes, Virgil van Dijk and Clint Dempsey are examples of successful winter moves in the Premier League that may provide insight into what can happen.

May 25: Championship Sunday

While the last day of the season was not as exciting as previous years, the last day of the 2024/25 campaign has the potential to be a storybook day. A team can win or lose the title, while the relegation race is sure to extend into several teams’ last games of the season. That will, unfortunately, also mean the end of the season for another three months.